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7 Best Child Engagement Activities You May Have Forgotten

Update on: 28 Aug 2023, 02:00 PM

Engagement activities for children

Many times, the deepest anxieties of parents and teachers are more general. One of the most common is the worry that children spend too much time playing video games, watching TV, or staring inertly at screens. They often get bored in class and fail to understand the important topics.  Sometimes students lose interest in studying and are not involved in the learning process which is a hindrance to his/her overall development.  But worry is actually the problem, not the solution! What if we say that Students can play here and at the same time learn something beneficial without getting bored. Here, we will tell you the 7 best engagement activities for children that will challenge and develop their creativity. This list of activities will boost their imagination power, thinking skills, social skills, and much more.  Once kids have started interest in these activities half of the battle for teachers and parents is won. Studies have shown that kids learn more by playing. So, it is always a good idea to try and make their activities a little more fun.

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7 best engagement activities for children

  1. Textbook Puzzle

This game is very interesting and encourages students to work together and visualize essential concepts from the textbook in an abstract way.

The teacher can separate the class into small groups and give puzzles from the textbook to piece together. After solving the puzzle, the group has to explain the topic in the class.

This activity proved to be beneficial for students in understanding the topic and increasing their chances of scoring more on the exams.

Engagement Activities For Children - textbooks puzzle

2. Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

This is an excellent behavior management activity that endorses hard work among students.

In this activity, the teacher will choose 4 students and make them stand in front of the class. The rest of the class will keep their heads down and keep their thumbs up in the air. Selected students will carefully tip-toe around the classroom and gently pinch one thumb each, from the students with their heads down. Students will then return back to the front of the class and the rest of the students will raise their heads. The students whose thumbs were pinched will then stand and guess who pinched them. If they guess correctly then they will swap with the student at the front, and the game continues.

Engagement Activities For Children - thumbs up & down

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  1. Dumb Charades

This simple yet classic game is a great way to encourage students to get out of their seats and participate in the learning process.

Make a list of words/topics from the textbook. Select a student to stand at the front of the room and act out a word from the list (without speaking). The rest of the class will then guess what the student is attempting to portray. Other students can shout out their guesses or put their hands up. Whoever guesses correctly can act out the next word and the process continues.

Engagement Activities For Children - dumb charades

  1. Hangman  

This a unique and interactive which improve students’ spelling and subject knowledge. It makes learning more enjoyable.

Divide the class into two teams then select a student to stand at the front of the class. Give any word related to the lesson from a textbook. The student must then draw spaces on the whiteboard to represent each letter of the word. The rest of the class will then guess the word, one letter at a time. Incorrect guesses result in a hangman being drawn (one line at a time). The first team to guess the word wins, unless the hangman is completed. The game will continue with another student thinking of a relevant word.

Engagement Activities For Children - hangman

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  1. Draw Swords 

This fantastic game tests students’ fine motor skills and promotes quick thinking. It will help students in healthy competition.

In this activity split the class into small groups and choose a student from each group to start. The nominated students will then place the dictionary or textbook under their arms. The teacher will give a word that the students must then race to find in their textbook (like drawing a sword from under their arm!). The student who will find the word will be the winner. The game continues with different words until every student has had a turn.

  1. Pictionary   

This is a classic yet great way for students to visualize their understanding in a fun team game.

Students will be split into small groups. The teacher has to give a subject-related topic/word to one student from each group. Selected students then need to draw the topic on the whiteboard and respective teams need to guess it within a given time (30 seconds – 2 minutes).

The first group to correctly guess the word wins. The game repeats until every student has had a turn.


  1. Practice counting

This is a simple yet fun activity that students will enjoy while learning tables.

In this activity whole class will participate at once. Students will start to practice counting by twos, fives, and tens. Pass the ball clockwise or counterclockwise, with the student who receives it saying the number that comes next. For example, if you start with Five!” The student next to you says “ten,” the next one will say “fifteen,” and so on.

These are the best seven activities that any teacher can try in the class and encourage the students to participate in the process of learning.

practice counting

These are the best seven activities that any teacher can try in the class and encourage the students to participate in the process of learning.

Happy Learning!

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