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NEET Biology Questions with Answers – MCQ’s (29-01-2024)

Update on: 29 Jan 2024, 12:00 PM

NEET Biology Questions

NEET or National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is conducted every year for medical aspirants to seek admission to undergraduate medical courses. A good NEET score can be attained with thorough practice and utmost dedication. To assist students in their preparation and help them perform better at NEET, MTG has come up with Biology questions for NEET. These questions are likely to appear in NEET 2024, ones considered most important. Questions are provided with answers. We will make sure to update with questions every month. Check them out.

NEET question paper comprises 180 multiple choice questions, with these sections

Physics – 45 questions
Chemistry – 45 questions
Biology – 90 questions

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NEET Biology Questions- (29-01-2024)

Check the important Biology questions for January.

Q.1. The pathogen responsible for filariasis is
(a) Wuchereria (b) Ascaris
(c) Entamoeba (d) Anopheles

A.1. (a)

Q.2. Among the given examples, allopolyploid and autopolyploid respectively are
(a) maize and cotton
(b) Nicotiana and gram
(c) Triticale and Helianthus
(d) rice and wheat.

A.2. (b)

Q.3. Obligatory parthenogenesis occurs in
(a) Lacerta saxicola (b) Typhlina bramina
(c) Monocystis (d) both (a) and (b)

A.3. (d)

Q.4. A segment of a DNA strand has sequence of nucleotides TTAGATCCATT. Which of the following segment show frame shift mutation?

A.4. (a)

Q.5. Refer to the given figure and identify the correct option regarding the statements identifying its parts A-D

(a) A is cotyledon of monocot embryo, situated towards lateral side of embryonal axis.
(b) B is axis above the level of attachment of A.
(c) C is hollow foliar structure enclosing shoot apex and leaf primordia.
(d) D is differentiated sheath enclosing radicle and root cap.

A.5. (a)

Q.6. Read the given table and fill the blanks with appropriate options

Antibiotic Microorganism
(i) Cyclosporins A
(ii) B Monascus purpureus
(iii) Swiss cheese C

(a) Saccharomyces
Ethanol Propionibacterium shermanii
(b) Acetobacter
Streptokinase Lactobacillus
(c) Trichoderma
Statins Propionibacterium
(d) Clostridium
Statins Propionibacterium

A.6. (c)

Q.7. Replacement of the lighter-coloured variety of peppered moth (Biston betularia) to its darker variety (Biston carbonaria) in England is the example of
(a) natural selection (b) regeneration
(c) genetic isolation (d) temporal isolation.

A.7. (a)

Q.8. A monoecious animal in which self fertilisation occurs is
(a) earthworm (b) sponge
(c) tapeworm (d) all of these.

A.8. (d)

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NEET Biology Questions with Answers - MCQ's
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