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7 Fun Worksheets to Keep Your Child Sharp This Summer

Update on: 23 May 2024, 05:00 PM

The wait is over! Every child’s favourite season has finally arrived – the season of summer vacations! Irrespective of the sweltering hot weather, the thought of not going to school for days makes the students rejoice. Nevertheless, parents tend to worry if this would cause to lacklustre academic performance due to a void created by the lack of school days. This is why it becomes essential to keep a tab on their studies all the while not spoiling their summer vacations.

This can be done with the help of a number of tasks during the summer holidays. There are plenty of ways to keep child academically occupied and entertained. Parents can engage their children in some fun-filled learning activities to keep them involved with their interests. This is where the role of summer worksheets comes into play. In this article, we are enlisting 7 types of fun worksheets for students to keep them sharp and active in this summer holidays.

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7 Fun Worksheets for Students

  1. Crossword puzzle worksheets: These are self-learning tools that help to improve problem-solving and critical thinking skills in students. Worksheets on Crossword puzzles can be created in any subject of interest such as English Vocabulary, Mathematics or Science-based, etc. Solving these worksheets helps students to learn new things in a playful manner. MTG’s 21 Crossword Puzzles series of books provides the best resource of fun-filled, self-engaging worksheets for students to keep them busy and be academically advanced in their long summer break.
  1. Sudoku-based worksheets: Sudoku puzzles are an effective learning tool that aids in stimulating cognitive skills in students. Sudoku-based worksheets are extremely beneficial in keeping students actively involved and entertained during their holidays. Students enjoy solving them like a brain game that improves their logical reasoning and critical thinking skills. These worksheets can be made for any subject and any grade.
  1. Word Search worksheets: Word search puzzle worksheets help to improve vocabulary. These are interactive learning tools to help children practice and improve their English vocabulary skills.

Word Search Worksheets to improve English vocabulary     

Click Here: Word Search (Age group 5-7)

Click Here: Word Search (Age group 8-10)

Click Here: Word Search (Age group 11-13)

  1. Reading & Writing Worksheets: Reading imparts creativity and expands comprehension in students. During summer vacation, students can be engaged in reading various books such as general knowledge books to learn about the world. Similarly, reading literature books improves their English language skills, etc. Worksheets can be made based on various topics given in these books. Students can be asked to read these books and solve the worksheets to assess their learning outcome. Reading and Writing worksheets offer a great way to enrich reading skills and improve concentration.
  2. Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) based worksheets: These are the most common type of worksheets used by teachers to assess their students. This type of worksheet improves decision-making skills in students. MCQs can be asked from various topics in different subjects. Solving MCQs-based worksheets refines deep subject knowledge and instills various life skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, etc. in students. Refer to MTG’s 30 days Summer Learning Program, SSDP which is specially designed to improve scientific skills in students that comprises a number of MCQ-based worksheets with progressive difficulty levels.
  3. Word-Scramble worksheets: This type of worksheets helps to improve vocabulary and spelling. Letters of English words can be jumbled and students are asked to rearrange them in a proper order. Science based word-scramble worksheets can also be created in similar manner to learn various scientific definitions and terms.
  4. Subject-based worksheets: These worksheets help to keep students academically advanced in various subjects during their vacation. For example; English worksheets for kids helps to improve their vocabulary, grammar, cursive, etc. Similarly, science worksheets help in science skill development in student. MTG’s Science and Maths Practice Cum Workbooks provides an extensive array of worksheets comprising different types of questions MCQS, matching type, true false, etc. that emphasizes on activity-based learning. Also refer to MTG’s one month English skill development program to boost your child’s English language skills.

We hope the given list of fun worksheets for kids will help you to keep your child mentally and physically sharp this summer. If you liked reading this article, you can share this article by clicking on super-easy share button given below.

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