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Top Eco-Friendly and Green Inventions from India Aimed Towards Saving the Planet

Update on: 22 May 2024, 09:00 AM

Top Eco-Friendly and Green Inventions from India

Traditional innovation includes ideas, concepts, and products that become financially viable due to environmentally conscious design and practices are called sustainable innovation. Adoption of sustainable innovation practices can have an impact on business performance. Firms and other organizations are increasingly embracing sustainability, which is sometimes referred to as corporate social responsibility or responsible innovation—many examples of sustainable innovation demonstrate conviction.

Fortunately, several environmentally conscious entrepreneurs and businesses are working to make our planet more habitable. These organizations lead the charge by developing all-natural and eco-friendly products to protect the environment from harmful chemicals. They can significantly improve our quality of life while also ensuring the safety of our families and, by extension, our planet. Here are our top indigenous, eco-friendly, clean-tech inventions that could save the world.

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Top Eco-Friendly and Green Inventions from India

Plastic Waste Used in Road Construction

It is needless to say that plastic pollutes our environment. And that is why the Government of India directed road constructors and builders to use plastic and heated bituminous mixes when constructing roads. A professor discovered that plastic could increase the aggregate impact value of roads during his research, i.e., it can increase the life of roads and reduce deformities caused by vehicle weight. Furthermore, using plastic in road construction also improves the quality of pavements. It was also mentioned that it prevents water percolation and reduces road wear and tear in the long run. Furthermore, the technology prevents the release of toxic gases during construction. The plastic road is one of the most unique eco-friendly inventions ever, repurposing plastic waste.

Plastic Waste Used in Road Construction
Image credits: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Rice Used for Furniture

Rice husk is the residue left after the rice grains have been separated for further processing. These residues are both light and plentiful. Four IIT Kharagpur students had the idea to use this residue to create something innovative and environmentally friendly. They developed a method for converting the light yellow residue (husk) into beautiful and sturdy furniture, significantly reducing deforestation. Pouring adhesive and chemicals into the rice husk creates a sheet, which is then used to create the bodies of ball pens, kitchenware, and pitch boards. This is one of the few long-term innovations for environmental protection.

Rice Used for Furniture
Representational Image only, Image taken: thebetterindia.com, Rice Husk. Source: PxHere. Furniture. Source: MaxPixel

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Cutlery That is Edible

Plastic cutlery, like spoons, knives or forks, has toxins that are obviously harmful to our environment. To reduce the environmental impact of plastic pollution caused by plastic cutlery, a Telangana-based entrepreneur started another company named Bakey’s, an eco-friendly unit that produces edible cutlery. The company has three types of edible cutlery: plain, sweet, and savoury, using wheat, salt, and millet mixed with rice. They also provide a preferred range of flavours from sugar to ginger-cinnamon, mint-ginger, and black pepper. The edible spoons withstand hot and cold liquids and do not break, dissolve, or crumble. They are preservative-free and have a three-year shelf life. The technology behind this environmentally friendly invention involves drying, hardening, and baking the cutlery at high temperatures (much like in the oven). This process significantly reduces the water content of the raw materials while also increasing the cutlery’s shelf life. Bakey’s sells edible cutlery at the same price as plastic cutlery to discourage people from using plastics.

Cutlery That is Edible
Image taken: thelogicalindian.com. Credits: thooshan.com

Jackfruit Used for Plates

This aromatic fruit takes some getting used to. Some people adore it, while others despise it. But some of us don’t even know about the numerous applications of Jackfruit. It is an excellent way to reduce the use of disposable plastic kitchenware. A Food Processing Technology created eco-friendly cutlery that can be eaten or discarded. The humble Jackfruit’s very known and unlikeable exterior has been used to make plates and other cutlery. Their initial goal was to find a healthier alternative to the traditional cones made of wheat flour and cornflour for holding millet ice cream. Many don’t know that Jackfruit is a healthy and cost-effective alternative to conventional cones. They’ve even improved to make biodegradable plates that are also edible.

Jackfruit Used for Plates

Temple Flower Used to Make Natural Dyes

Praveen Chauhan, a social entrepreneur from Bihar, has refined the natural dye procurement process. Flowers placed in religious buildings wither over time, and Chauhan had the brilliant idea of using them to create natural dyes for khadi clothing. He founded the MATR social enterprise to promote and amplify Khadi culture and to assist local artists in gaining more respect and exposure. The organization has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of local artisans and weavers, as well as to bring Khadi culture to global fashion capitals such as New York, Paris, and Milan. This modest endeavor contributes to the revival of indigenous weavers and prevents thousands of flowers from going to waste.

Temple Flower Used to Make Natural Dyes
200 kilos of floral waste is recycled every day from the Mahabodhi temple

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Nature is God’s most precious gift to mankind, and humans have exploited their resources to unfathomable levels. This is high time that we all get a wake-up call from our slumber and take steps to restore mother earth’s biodiversity and environment so that future generations can live better lives. We now have knowledge of long-term environmental innovations, and you can also look into innovations for reducing air and water pollution.

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