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Become the CBSE Board Exams Champ with CBSE Champion for Class 10 & 12

Update on: 14 Apr 2024, 03:01 PM

Become the CBSE Board Exams Champ with CBSE Champion for Class 10 & 12

Students of classes 10 and 12 know the pressure of CBSE Board exams. They are under a constant stress shadow to outshine themselves. Thus, they are always searching for ways to excel in their CBSE exams. However, this search often leads to confusion since the internet is filled with hoax information which is baseless when it comes to actual CBSE board preparation. Every preparation begins with understanding concepts and mastering formulas, then progresses to the CBSE question bank with various question typologies and solving some previous years’ questions. Have you ever wondered what makes the top students in your class stand out from the rest? This is it! More practice, more questions! The best method to achieve it is to practice by CBSE previous years’ questions. The bigger the question bank, the better.

The question bank of previous years’ CBSE exams can help you prepare in the best way possible. It eliminates any unpleasant surprises in the exam room by preparing you for what to anticipate. A genuine aspirant would never ignore this step. You must practice with as many questions from CBSE previous years’ papers as you can in a methodical manner after thorough preparation and conceptual clarity.

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In many ways, solving CBSE previous years’ question bank is really helpful. So, let us give you some reasons why you should practice from a CBSE question bank of previous years’ questions.

• Recognizing important & most frequent topics
• Realizing your own mistakes in attempting.
• Eliminating the element of surprise.
• Improving time management skills.
• Familiarizing yourself with all question typologies.
• Developing speed and accuracy to solve.
• Assessing ability and level of preparation.
• Ridding of the exam fear and building confidence.

CBSE 10 Years Chapterwise Topicwise Solved Papers FOR 2025 examNow, you know how the question bank from CBSE previous year papers help you to ace your CBSE exams whether you’re in 10th or 12th standard. To assist you with this preparation stage, MTG offers a comprehensive book called CBSE Chapterwise Topicwise 10 Years Solved Papers that would guarantee your success and enable you to finish the practice step of your preparation plan.

This CBSE book stands out because so many students, parents, and teachers praise and appreciate it. Formerly known as CBSE Champion, it has since undergone updates and revisions and been given the new title CBSE Chapterwise Topicwise 10 Years Solved Papers, which has added even more action to the book. Thus, it would be unnecessary to state that this book has consistently demonstrated its value as the perfect CBSE question bank. We are pleased with this book because it aids students in developing a thorough understanding of the subject which is indeed required of all CBSE students. Let’s have a look at some of the most notable and newest features below.

  • Theory – Comprehensive & in-depth theory with a brain map is provided for a quick recap and effective learning. The detailed theory is so interesting that it stimulates students to become interested in the topics.
  • Graphical Analysis – Topic-wise graphical analysis of the previous 10 years’ CBSE Board Papers questions (VSA, SA-I, SA-II, LA) is provided to get an idea about which chapter and which topic is to be revised hard enough according to the weightage of those topics.
  • Humongous CBSE Question Bank & Answers – Theory is followed by chapters-topics questions which are taken from the previous 10 years (2023-2014, effectively 9 years questions as CBSE Board exams were not held in 2020) “CBSE-DELHI, ALL INDIA & FOREIGN papers.
  • Strictly Based on NCERT Pattern – Questions are segregated according to the NCERT syllabus. The vast question bank in the book is arranged in descending chronological order so that you can revise the latest questions first.
  • Cognitive Levels – As per the latest CBSE guidelines, selected questions are labelled as per the cognitive levels issued by CBSE for assessment and evaluation of student’s knowledge and ability which are – Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating, and Creating.
  • CBSE Sample Question Papers – Past 3 years questions strictly based on design and blueprint issued by the CBSE board are incorporated chapter-wise & topic-wise.
  • NCERT Questions – Previous years’ questions from NCERT/NCERT Exemplar problems are now labelled in the new and revised CBSE Champion.
  • Self-Assessment – Chapter-wise self-assessment exercises are given at the end of each chapter so that you can self-evaluate your performance
  • Practice Papers – For thorough practice, 5 practice papers have been added as per the latest CBSE syllabus which is completely solved.
  • Answer Keys – The book is completely solved and all the answers are as per the CBSE marking scheme. Important lines are highlighted in the answers, key points, answer tips, the concepts applied, shortcuts, alternating methods, commonly made mistakes, etc. are provided thoroughly. The book even includes chapter-wise CBSE Topper’s answers.

It is crucial to revise each section of the CBSE question bank as soon as you are finished with it to ensure that you retain all you learnt and do so in an efficient manner, make this CBSE question bank as your best CBSE books for class 10 & 12. When you are writing the exam paper, this will help you recall things for a longer length of time and solve problems more quickly. Therefore, the goal is to learn more deeply rather than just memorizing the answers. Right after finishing the paper, go back and revise the sections where you solved it. This will help you refresh your recall of the details provided in that chapter or topic. We hope you become the CBSE Champion you strive to be with our CBSE Chapterwise Topicwise 10 Years Solved Papers.

All the best!

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