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MTG’s Latest Launch: CBSE ScoreMore 15 Sample Papers Class 12

Update on: 24 Sep 2023, 06:27 PM

Unveiling CBSE ScoreMore 15 Sample Papers for Class 12 From MTG

MTG is delighted to introduce the latest addition to their collection: MTG CBSE ScoreMore 15 Sample Papers for Class 12. This carefully crafted book is designed to assist students in excelling the CBSE 2024 examination. With recent changes in the CBSE curriculum, the need for up-to-date and comprehensive learning resources has never been more important. That’s where MTG comes into the picture. MTG has earned a reputation for providing high-quality educational materials and has garnered the trust of millions through our exceptional books. MTG books are not only filled with updated, 100% authentic content, but they are also designed to be easily understandable and efficient for learning. We understand that practicing is key to mastering any subject, and our simplified and optimized books are specifically designed to facilitate efficient practice for students.

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One-of-a-Kind Features of MTG ScoreMore 15 Sample Papers for Class 12

MTG’s ScoreMore 15 CBSE Sample Papers books for Class 12 is a power-packed book with features that will surely elevate your CBSE preparation and practice for the ultimate win. So, let’s see what makes this book a game-changer.

Latest & updated for the CBSE Session 2023-2024 of Class 12
 person showing thumbs up with scoremore sample paper class 10 math book

Covers all 5 important subjects – Science, Mathematics Basic, Mathematics Standard, English & Social Science.
All scoremore sample paper books for class 12

15 sample papers: 1 official CBSE sample question paper and 14 sample questions papers
girl showing scoremore sample paper class 12 physics does all the heavy lifting

According to the blueprint issued by CBSE on 31st March 2023.
scoremore sample paper class 12 sample question paper

Based on the latest CBSE 2023-2024 pattern and syllabus
girl reading scoremore sample paper class 12 book

Covers all subjective and objective type questions – Very Short Answer, Short Answer, Short Answer I, Short Answer II, Long Answer Type Questions, Case-Based, Statement Based and MCQs, Assertion & Reason.
person loving the scoremore sample paper class 12 chemistry book

Self-evaluation sheet is also included.

Detailed solutions of each sample question are also provided.
Scoremore sample paper class 12 solutions

CBSE Additional Practice Questions released on 8th September are also given in the book.
scoremore sample paper class 12

Online support in the form of CBSE Tips, Exam Alerts, Formula Book, Learn & Retain, Chapter-wise Objective Questions, and 2023 CBSE Solved Paper can also be availed with a link in the book.
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What makes Scoremore Sample Paper Class 12 Book Your Best CBSE 2024 Companion?

As mentioned above, this book contains all the necessary features and more to help you ace the final preparation of the CBSE 2024 exams. With its wonderful benefits this book will give you an edge in your CBSE 2024 exams. Let’s take a closer look on what sets apart MTG ScoreMore 15 Sample Papers for Class 10 from all other books.

  • Complete Coverage

Comprehensive coverage of all types of for the CBSE 2024 board exam along with official CBSE sample question paper to encompass all the key topics and concepts that can appear in the exams.

  • Aligned with CBSE Session 2023-2024

All the sample papers are in line with CBSE Session 2023-2024 based on the official blueprint issued by CBSE. So, that you are up-to-date with exam pattern.

  • The Power of Practice

These sample papers offer a wealth of questions that are essential for honing problem-solving skills as to excel in the CBSE 2024 exam, practice is paramount.

  • Conceptual Clarity

This book is accompanied by comprehensive solutions ensuring that you grasp the correct methodology and approach. This will help you get a better conceptual understanding.

  • Self-Assess Performance

The self-evaluation sheets that are provided in the book are the best tool to self-check your weaknesses, strengths and overall progress which will help you to improve.

  • Full-Length Papers

To stimulate the actual exam experience, the book comprises full-length sample papers along for exam-like practice, assessing progress and building confidence for the real CBSE 2024 board exams.

  • Curated by Experts

These books are created by experienced subject matter experts to provide you quality learning material with 100% authenticity and originality.

  • Additional Support

This book takes your CBSE 2024 board exam preparation one step ahead with additional online support and CBSE 2023 Solved Paper to give you an edge over others.

CBSE 2024 board exams are slowly approaching so it is very important that you be updated with the best books and resources to excel in the exam as this exam will decide what your future holds. Scoring good marks in class 10 board exams is crucial to be able to choose your favored subjects in 11th standard. And MTG ScoreMore 15 Sample Papers for Class 10 is the Ultimate resource that will help you score more in your CBSE 2024 exams.

All the Best!


  1. Is whitener allowed in board exams and can we use gel pen?

Use of whitener is not permitted. Yes, Blue or royal blue ink gel pens can be used.

  1. If a student fails in the pre-board examination, does that mean one cannot appear in the Board examination?

Pre-boards help students to know how well they are prepared for the Board examination. A student cannot be detained from appearing in the Board examination if otherwise eligible.

  1. I get very tensed when my friends tell me that they have revised the entire syllabus 2-3 times. I have not yet completed even once.

Do not panic just focus on your preparation. Draw a daily timetable and be regular with your practice.

  1. I have a doubt whether the pre-board examination marks would be considered in the board examinations?

No, the marks obtained in the pre-board examination is not added or included in the Board examination marks.

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Scoremore CBSE class 12 sample paper books

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