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100 Percent Series- Now Launched for Senior Secondary Classes!

Update on: 15 Apr 2024, 10:20 AM

100 Percent Series for senior secondary

In the past few years, the Central Board of Secondary Education has had tremendous turnarounds!

Everything from the exam pattern to the evaluation methods has had a significant change. For the session 2024-25, CBSE has again changed the evaluation pattern for the class 12 exam. Now 70% of questions will be of objective types and only 30% of questions will consist of subject types. Among these changes, students have found themselves lost. What to study and what not to study! Where to study and what’s the right material to study? We understand the bombardment of questions that you must be having to start your CBSE preparations!

Well, your search for precise CBSE Board study materials now come to an end! As MTG has now come with its latest release for Classes 11 & 12! The Smart Study System- The 100 Percent CBSE Book Series.

The 100 Percent Series- How does the book become a Smart Study System?

In today’s date when the Coaching culture is a must for any student in his/her senior secondary classes, MTG’s 100 Percent CBSE Book series appreciates self-learning through the most accurate Smart Study System! There’s more than a single reason why the MTG Editorial Team has marked their recent release, 100 Percent book for classes 11 & 12 as “A Smart Study System”. Here are a few-

  • 100% CBSE.

CBSE has updated its curriculum for the higher classes. Hence, experts at MTG have put in tremendous efforts to justify the 100 Percent book with a syllabus that is 100% aligned with the CBSE curriculum.

  • 100% Scientific.

The Central Board of Secondary Education strives to teach the students with a scientific approach. To ensure that the students meet all the requirements of Competency-Based learning, the 100 Percent Book series by MTG is based on the latest Competency-Based Education. Tools such as Cognitive level tagging, do you know, Info Shots, and Illustrations are provided within each text to ensure competent learning of the students.

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  • 100% Content.

Here at MTG, 100 Percent is the newest release in the CBSE Board Book category. Hence, the experts have put in rigorous time and effort to curate precise content for 100% CBSE Board preparations.

  • 100% Practice

To ensure that the content of the book reaches the students effectively, the book is incorporated with plenty of topic-wise practice questions such as NCERT Focus, and CBSE Focus. Apart from in-text practice, the book also covers overall chapter-wise practice in the form of Miscellaneous questions, CBSE focus, and Exam drill. To provide 100% Practice of the whole syllabus of the subject, completely solved Practice Papers are provided.

100 percent cbse books 2024-25

Features of MTG 100 Percent 2024-25 Books

Several features of MTG’s 100 Percent are responsible for making it the most promising book! The prominent features that make 100 Percent, a reliable CBSE book are-

  • Unparalleled Theory.

The 100 Percent Series for Classes 11 & 12 is comprised of a lucid theory in a topic-wise manner. The Theory ensures that a student doesn’t move forward without clearing the core of the recent topic.

Unparalled theory
Did you know concepts
  • Explorative Tools.

The chapters are incorporated with various tools such as Do you know/ Info Shots, Tables, and Illustrations within the topics. These explorative tools help to furnish the student’s learning by providing facts and information related to the topics.

  • Topic-wise Preparations.

To ensure that a student learns and understands each topic before moving on to the next topic, every topic is covered with practice questions. The Questions focus on the NCERT- based understanding of the topic; hence, practice sections such as NCERT focus and CBSE Focus are inculcated among the topics.

 NCERT and CBSE focused

Concept maps

  • Recapitulative Concept Map.

After completion of the chapters, the 100 Percent Series for classes 11 & 12 provides a concise recapitulation through concise Concept Maps. The concept map ensures that students do not have to read and re-read the whole chapter during revisions.

  • Evaluative Exercises.

To evaluate the student’s overall learning of the chapter, and to give them needful knowledge for competitive exams, plenty of application-based questions are provided inside the book.  The Miscellaneous questions and Competition focus section inside each chapter ensure that students do not miss solving Higher-Order questions from each topic.


 Miscellaneous question

cognitive level tagging

  • Cognitive Level Tagging.

Based on the recent Competency-based Education, CBSE has introduced Cognitive level tagging of questions. To abide by this, MTG’s 100 Percent has induced cognitive level tagging within the questions of its exercises. The Cognitive level tagging enables one to evaluate themselves based on their Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating, and Creating abilities.

  • CBSE Board Exam Drill.

The main aim of curation of 100 Percent for classes 11 & 12 is to ensure a 100% learning of students for the CBSE Board exams. Solving Exam drill gives the students, an idea of whether the chapter has been mastered by them or not!

CBSE board exam drill
CBSE practice papers
  • Self-Evaluative Practice Papers.

To ensure that the whole syllabus has been covered well, 3 completely solved Practice Papers are incorporated inside the book. The Practice Papers are based on the most recent exam pattern and if solved in a rigorous exam-like environment the Practice Papers enable the students to conclude their overall preparation of the subject!

Take a flight to the Mission of Marks- Get your 100 Percent now!

When the field is academics, success is usually measured in marks! But, to embrace marks without appreciating rote learning is what the need of the hour is! Striving to find a method where scientific learning is the main mission, the expert team from MTG has curated its most successful title- “The 100 Percent for classes 11 & 12”.

All the quintessential features of the book are carefully studied and brought to perfection so that the students can successfully take their flight, to the Mission OMarks! So, don’t wait for the right moment to be a CBSE Champion. Bring home, your 100 Percent book and start your strategy to become a know-it-all of CBSE today!

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