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NEET Preparation Tips for 2024 Exam

Update on: 14 Feb 2024, 11:30 AM

NEET preparation tips

Is my NEET Preparation going in the right direction? Am I on the right track? What more I do to give my best shot in the NEET exam? These are the questions that every NEET aspirant is struggling with. The competition is tough and the lack of concrete decisions of Govt. on NEET has made it more difficult.

Every year about 12 lacs candidates give NEET exam and around 50-75,000 candidates get shortlisted for counseling from this number only 30,000 candidates get into government colleges. You have to work to get into the first 3-5% shortlisted candidates, after that chances of getting a seat in government colleges increases > 50%. Train your brain to think that you have to be in the first 1% of the applying candidates. Always think positively and don’t be afraid of the competition.  though preparing for the NEET exam is not easy but with the right guidance and a little nudge in the right direction can help you achieve this feat. So, don’t be afraid to seek help. Keep reading this article to understand what will be the ideal NEET preparation tips for the upcoming NEET 2024 exam.

NEET 2024 Exam Overview

Here’s a concise overview of the exam pattern and syllabus of the NEET 2024 examination.

NEET 2024 Exam Pattern

To make an efficient NEET 2024 study plan, let’s first understand the exam pattern for the NEET 2024 exam. The exam pattern is expected to be the same as the previous years’ exam pattern which is as follows:

ExaminationNEET 2024
Mode of ExamOffline Mode (Pen and Paper-based)
Duration of the Exam3 hours 20 minutes
SubjectsPhysics, Chemistry, Biology (Botany and Zoology)
Total Number of Questions180 (45 for each subject)
Question FormatMultiple-Choice Questions (MCQs)
Total marks720 (180 marks for each section)
Marks Distribution4 marks are awarded for each correct answer
-1 deducted for each wrong answer
Language of ExamEnglish, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Odia, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.

Check our NEET Exam Pattern 2024 for a full overview.

NEET 2024 Syllabus

The syllabus of the NEET exam is highly grounded in the NCERT syllabus of the 11th and 12th classes. Even though NCERT has rationalized 30% of its syllabus, NTA hasn’t released any formal notification if they have also rationalized the NEET syllabus, so, it is safer to prepare NEET 2024 study plan comprising the whole syllabus. To check the complete syllabus check NEET Exam syllabus 2024.

NEET Check 💡 

Q. A body is executing simple harmonic motion with frequency ‘n’, the frequency of its potential energy is
(a) 4n (b) n (c) 2n (d) 3n

(NEET 2021)

Find your Answer Here  ➡ NEET Exam Eligibility 2024

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How to Create the Best NEET Study Plan?

Every individual has different needs so, no one plan can be proven useful for every student’s needs. An ideal study plan for you is the one that satisfy your study requirements. As all the students might be different stages of preparation as of now – some students might be preparing for NEET exam for quite some time now and some might just be starting, some might have prepared well for their 11th exam but some nor so much. Everyone’s strengths and weaknesses are different so here are some strategic tips to keep in mind to prepare a strong study framework that is most suited to you.

  • Assess Your Current Level

Firstly, evaluate where you stand in your preparations meaning how much syllabus have you covered and how much is left. Assess your priority and plan your strategy accordingly. If you haven’t covered your previous syllabus then you have to plan a schedule that keeps you gets you in speed with previous and the current syllabus. If the time is a constraint, then focus on the important topics.

  • Break Down the NEET Syllabus

Divide the chapters in your syllabus and spread them in easy bits throughout your time table and cover them accordingly. Make sure to not overestimate your potential. Make a schedule division you can follow completely and there are no discrepancies.

  • Set SMART Goals

The goal of your study plan is to complete the NEET exam syllabus efficiently. To achieve this goal, include short-term goals in your schedule which are realistically attainable and are time bound. Allocate time to all chapters. So, you can easily track and review your progress.

  • Conceptual Understanding

Focus on the in-depth understanding of the concepts rather than rote learning. Focus on building a strong foundation of the core concepts. Make sure you understand the core concepts of class 11 first and then move on to class 12 to build the conceptual understanding.

  • Make Room for Revision and Practice

Incorporate regular breaks and revision intervals every few days so that the learned material is not forgotten. This will also help in foundational clarity and will help you solidify concepts over time. Also, choose the best NEET books for effective practice and revision.

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NEET Preparation Tips for the 2024 Exam

Follow these NEET Preparation Tips for NEET 2024 exams to secure a seat in your desired medical college.

  • Focus your thoughts on your studies, as wasteful thoughts take away your energy as well as time. Read information from authentic sources, to keep yourself updated about the latest NEET-related news. 
  • Keep your NEET preparation study plan short and simple. Know your limits and stretch accordingly. There is no need to drown in caffeine to stay awake till late at night. Tune your body naturally to adjust to the sleep-wake cycle as per your study plan.
  • Whether you like to study in the early morning or at late night, always begin your day by reading the biology chapter from NCERT, and at the end of the day revise the highlighted points from the same chapter. Keep NCERT book as your base book, whatever additional points you learn, put sticky notes on NCERT pages to keep everything in one place. You can solve Objective NCERT at your fingertips, the most recommended book for NEET. This book series literally help to learn the concepts of NCERT textbooks at your fingertips.
  • It’s good to have a study plan for your preparation but it should be flexible also. For example, if you want to study Physics in the early hours and your study plan tells you to study Biology, then do what you are interested in and let your brain like it.
  • As per the toppers NEET preparation plan recommended time is 8-11 hours a day. You may make your schedule accordingly but important is to stick to that. Besides NCERT reading, in Physics and Chemistry solve 75-100 numerical and objective problems every day.
  • Make a pocket diary to write important formulas and points which you can revise anywhere.
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids. Take a sound sleep and adequate breaks in between the study schedule. Do not neglect your health by starving or living on junk food. Remember if you fall ill, you’ll lose the next few days of studying.

Our brain is an energy-intensive organ, using around 20 percent of the body’s calories, so it requires plenty of good food to maintain concentration throughout the day.  

Read our blog to know- 5 Super Foods To Boosts Your Brain Power

  • Read books that motivate you and help develop your psychological strength. Book by Anuj Khare, The Secret To Success is one such book that lets you know what it takes to be successful in achieving your goals. You can also read articles here, such as how to memorize things faster, or read the books like How to Improve Your Memory and Remember More. The book by Pradyumn Singh, NEET success blueprint is a story of a boy who did not lose hope, keep trying, and cleared NEET in his third attempt.
  • To beat procrastination, always put effort to study even if it is little. Start with studying for a short span of time and then increase the effort with time. This way you can beat procrastination, and will study without fail. Reading MTG monthly magazine can help in making your studies interesting and UpToDate by providing a regular dose every month. The content presented in these magazines is also meticulously designed, because of which you actually don’t realize that you have read an entire topic. It makes studying this effortless.

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  • Don’t try to be Jack of all Trades (and master of nothing). Focus on your strength and try improving your weak areas, but in this process don’t forget to polish your strong areas. You can be good at Physics or Biology, remember one thing, you just need 150+ correct questions which can be from any subject.
  • Seek help from teachers, seniors, or your friends for understanding topics in which you are weak. Don’t feel shy in seeking help. All you need is an understanding of topics, and some practice to perfect them. This is one of the most important points in your NEET PreparationMake the most out of the NEET previous year’s papers.

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 You can ask for solutions for your queries and problems from us, we feel obliged to help our readers. Leave your queries and problems in the comment section, we will revert back with solutions procured from our experts.

  • Make judicious use of the internet for your preparation. Watch video lectures, take online tests for NEET, watch animated videos on Biology topics to understand the abstract information. In spite of its advantages, the internet can engulf you with its numerous resources. You need to keep a check on how much time to spend on the internet and that too for just study purposes.
  • It is advisable to deactivate social media accounts. You’ll have withdrawal symptoms but after a few days, you’ll completely forget about social networking sites.
  • Maintain proper folders for chapter-wise tests, half syllabus mock tests, and full-length mock tests. Similarly, maintain notebooks for notes. Be systematic in filing your papers as you will find it really easy to revise at the end.
  • Remember you are your best critic! Be strict with yourself. For example, give yourself targets as some chapters, some problems, or objectives and see what your score is. Set score higher for the next test than what you scored in this test. Reward yourself for target achieved and penalize for target not achieved.
  • As a key strategy to prepare for NEET, you must know the weightage of topics in each chapter. You can also chart down this by analysing previous year’s papers. If you are short of time you can refer NEET champion series. Now you have only priorities important topics depending on your interest and study them. Remember, you have to do them all, sooner or later anyway.
  • It’s a sin to cram Physics formulae without understanding the base concepts. Most questions are not direct. So, try and understand the concept behind everything you should so much so that you can derive the formulae by yourself when you solve application-based questions. Prepare from Rank Up Physics to learn core concepts with more understanding and clarity.
  • Chemistry is a subject for which you have to keep on solving equations, understand the structural formation of compounds, especially in organic chemistry. With good practice, you will get good at it with time.
  • For Biology read, read, and read. Most questions from Biology are pretty direct, but there is so much information that it is really difficult to remember even very easy questions. You have to periodically revise the concepts to retain the vast information.
  • Practice from limited and standard books. Don’t study too many books. Refer to recommended and appreciated books by Toppers and Teachers.
  • Make sure to revise your complete syllabus.

Whether you are new to NEET 2024 exam preparation or has been preparing for a while, if you have found this article that means you are looking for an efficient study plan to help you. A study plan is only efficient when it is based to fulfil your personal needs. So, assess yourself and use this framework to prepare yourself a personalized study plan. Follow it diligently to ensure your success in the upcoming NEET exam.

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