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11 Good Study Habits Every Student Should Follow

Update on: 16 Dec 2021, 03:50 PM

 Regardless of which exam you talk about, every students’ aim is to walk out with shining colors. Many students tend to give up on their favorite hobbies just to focus more on their preparation. Still, somewhere during their practice, they get laid back in having good study habits leads to unsatisfactory results. Whatever exam you take, a directional approach and a tinge of fun during learning are very important for you to outshine in the exam.

You study, and still, you fail. Those long study sessions all went in vain! 

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Tips while doing self study

11 Effective Good Study Habits

The study pattern, time, syllabus, and exam pattern of each exam may differ but what remains the same are study habits. Here, we are mentioning 11 good study habits to analyse which will help you outshine in any exam.

  1. Consistency is the key

If you study today and then skip studying for a whole week and then you come back and pick up from where you left, you will realize that all your learning and reading from earlier went in vain. You can only understand your subjects when you stick to them consistently which can be possible with maintaining good study habits. So, try to maintain a pace and learn a few concepts from each subject daily.

 Success comes with 3C's

  1. Create weekly deadlines and abide by them at all costs

Students usually create a yearly or monthly deadline which often gets laid back. the reason could be the lack of fun element from the scheduler. Additionally, the demotivation of not being able to keep up with the deadlines and not having good study habits for students can also be a reason for failure.
The best counter step for this is to create a weekly planner. Set weekly deadlines for yourself and abide by them at all costs.
Don’t forget to reward yourself after every week’s success. As a reward, you can catch up with a good friend, go out with family, watch a movie or do things that you like.

 good Study habits to effective deadlines

  1. Study in an undistracted environment

Studying amidst distractions affects your learning efficiency. To ensure that you do not get distracted more often; study in a positive and ventilated but, silent environment. Studying in an undistracted environment will help you increase your learning efficiency.
To avoid family interruptions, communicate with them about your study time and ask them to cooperate. They will help.

undistracted environment - good study habits

  1. Always create handwritten notes

Having good books is good when it comes to reading, understanding, and learning but you should only rely upon your handwritten notes when it comes to reviewing. Psychology says, all our senses work when we are writing something thus, these written points remain for longer in your memory.

But, keep in mind that your notes are crisp and to the point. Penning down all the book’s content will not make you learn it. Rather, make attractive Concept maps and keep them by your side for the final review.

  1. Don’t cram your syllabus!

Don’t cram your subjects! Keep with yourself, the study resources that have the most convenient languages and prominent syllabus for your upcoming exams. Studies show that understanding small chunks of the syllabus regularly is more effective than cramming a lot of syllabus in one go.

  1. Organize study groups

Sometimes, a concept that cannot be understood by a teacher’s explanation can be understood easily by a friend’s explanation.

Be around friends who do not distract you from your goals. Organize study groups with them and discuss topics related to what you have learned. This way, you may cover the concepts that you missed by chance, during self-study.

*Reminder- Keep the study groups restricted only up to studies. 

  1. Test yourself regularly

Just studying and learning is not enough. You also have to test yourself to check if you have really understood the concepts. Mark a day every week to assess your understanding of each subject and keep that day only for self-assessments. Don’t forget to set a benchmark and get check your performance through performance analysing tools.

  1. Motivate yourself

Keep your attitude positive at all times.

Recite- I want to do it, I can do it, I will do it, I have done it!

Saying these four things during your day will help you build a positive approach. Studies have explained that creating a positive environment makes it easier to concentrate.

A cheerful environment releases the happy hormone in the body, which increases your efficiency during studies.

Studying with great efficiency always ends up providing good results as you can focus & understand more.

  1. Seek help

If you don’t understand some concepts, don’t hesitate to ask a peer or a teacher to help you out. Getting stuck in a topic for too long and not studying other things will only waste your time. Ask someone else to help you out. This will enhance your communication skills and will also save your time.

  1. Make a habit of meditation

Before every study session, take deep breaths and meditate for a few minutes.  Meditation helps your brain cells work actively and increases your concentration. Regular meditation increases the supply of oxygen in your body and, more specifically, in your brain cells so you can concentrate and understand more effectively.

  1. Stay away from your desk during breaks. 

When it’s study time, study without being distracted and, when it’s a break, stay away from your study desk as it is considered to be bad study habit.

Staying away from desks means staying away from gadgets as well. A cell phone is the first thing that most students use when they take a break from their studies. Don’t do that. Using a mobile phone will only exert more strain on your eyes. Instead of using gadgets, do some stretching and communicate with jolly friends and family on a lighter note.

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Here we suggest you to start implementing these good study habits in your day-to-day life. Follow these habits for the first 21 days continuously and you will be surprised to see wonderful results in your future exams!

Do not procrastinate anymore! Start instilling these habits now!

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