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5 Errors you make to lose NEET rank

Update on: 14 Mar 2024, 02:39 PM

Right exam preparations will take towards success while the wrong one slips the NEET aspirant back to the start point. A student needs to understand the requirement of right attitude towards exam and formula for success. No, it’s not a rocket science; it is just the zeal to clear exam and target achievement.

If a NEET aspirant has clear theory in mind with right amount of practice then he/she can clear NEET exam in one attempt. Here, we will not discuss about the exam preparation but the errors a student make while preparing for exams. You have few days for giving your NEET preparation a final touch. We suggest, take better care of the following points so that you could save more marks.

5 Errors you make to lose NEET rank

  1. Not dividing time equally – Many students don’t bother to divide time according to the subjects and then for theory and question practice. Investing too much for one subject and neglecting other can be detrimental. Similarly, investing time in theory and not doing enough question practice will take you down in exam preparation. Question practice is very important to know type of questions been asked in exam, so that one can adjust theory preparation accordingly.

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  1. Confused which book to use from Plethora of Books – Many students who join Institutes or having too many reference books, usually neglect NCERT. Remember that NEET is 90% based on NCERT text books. And hence every NEET aspirant must start study from NCERT class 11 and 12 After understanding the text, take help of good reference books. Learning concept is half battle won, now practice as much questions as you can based on NCERT text.
  2. Not Doing Self Analysis – Self-evaluation is must in any exam preparation, it clear where you stand in exam studies. Solving sample papers and previous year papers are the best way to self-evaluate. They give answers to various questions like Am I able to solve 90% of the questions in sample paper? Am I able to complete the exam paper in the given time frame? How many negative questions I attempt? How many difficulties I face in solving them? With how much ease I solve previous year papers? By knowing answers of these questions, NEET aspirant can adjust studies accordingly and perform well in exams.
  1. Not doing time practice – It’s good to know answers of all the questions present in exam paper. But, can you solve exam paper in time? NEET aspirants have to complete NEET exam in a certain time frame.
    Therefore, it is necessary to practice questions with time schedule. NEET Online Test series are the best way to practice this. They replicate exam paper pattern and mode. You have to complete the online test in fixed time. Thus, it gives you practice on time, speed, negative marks questions along with instant result for self-evaluation. Do not forget to practice time management for exams.
  2. Not Keeping Check on negative question attempt – It’s not only lack in studies but the major reason behind thousands of NEET aspirants losing rank in NEET exams every year is attempting negative questions. Attempt only those questions you are sure about, any dicey answer can fetch you negative mark. Losing marks, you earned for right questions reduce your marks and rank. This could lead to bad ranking or failure in NEET exam.

These are the major errors we figure out that NEET aspirant makes while preparing for NEET exams. If students can rectify these, success in NEET exam is definitely clear.

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Salient features of the book.

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It’s salient Features-

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  • It also has all the NEET 2024 topics which were deleted in NCERT.
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This NEET 2024 Supplement is the best money-saving grab for NEET students. The supplement is divided into 3 sections for Physics, chemistry and biology. It has all these features –

  • The supplement starts with thorough notes of each subject.
  • The notes include diagrams, tables, formulae, experiments for complete coverage and understanding.
  • After the notes, subject-wise MCQs from each line of all these newly added topics are given.
  • For evaluation, answer keys and hints and explanations are provided.
  • An exclusive section with A&R, Case-based, HOTS, numerical value, and previous years questions in Chemistry (that appeared in JEE Main) section are given.
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11 Years NEET Solved Papers For 2024 Exam (NEET PYQ) 

MTG’s “11 Year Solved Papers – NEET Explorer” is the No. 1 choice of students for NEET preparation. This book offers a complete preparation package, allowing students to manage their time effectively and gain practical experience for the exam.

  • 11 years (2013-2023) of fully solved AIPMT/NEET previous years papers.
  • 10 Model test papers based on the latest NTA NEET 2023 Exam pattern.
  • Multi-dimensional practice with 4000+ authentic NEET questions.
  • Chapter-wise analysis to understand the weightage of 10 years of NEET questions.
  • Detailed solutions to acquire micro-level understanding & core of the concept.
  • OMR Sheets for exam-like practice to avoid any blunders in the main NEET exam.

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