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Apply These Techniques To Improve Your CUET 2024 Score!

Update on: 07 May 2024, 04:34 PM

Let us start by asking you to stop with those sleepless nights! We know it is not easy for you students out there and the stakes are just too high. Well, no one blames you! The pressure you’re feeling is understandable, so anyone in your shoes would feel that way. As you’re already preparing for your board exams, you must be feeling overwhelmed with CUET 2024 approaching in May. Well, quit that feeling. Your strategy for both can go parallelly. However, you need a great strategy and preparation plan along with the best CUET books to excel in your CUET score. Acing CUET has more to it than just hard work, which is why we are here to guide you. Therefore, follow these essential techniques to ace your CUET 2024 score and prepare to study in your dream college.

Preparation Techniques for CUET 2024

  • Know the CUET Exam and its syllabus

Before diving into preparation tips for CUET, first, you must understand the upcoming exam. You need to know what CUET is and understand the exam format, exam pattern, and syllabus for the CUET exam. It will help you to prioritize the topics you need to cover for preparation. Thus, before beginning the preparation, decipher the requirements of each section and what kind of preparation strategy you will require. Keep updated with all the CUET latest updates in 2024Moreover, the exam will have 3 sections and the syllabus will be based on the 12th class syllabus –

Section 1 A: Languages

Section 2: Domain-specific

Section 3: General Awareness.

  • Improve your strong and weak points.

Determine your strong and weak points in the topics and attempt to improve them regularly. To devote more time to your weaker areas, make a list of difficult questions and answer them. Make a concerted effort to recognize and remedy your weak areas during your CUET preparations. Of course, practicing with CUET sample papers is the ideal approach to do it. As CUET Practice Papers will help you to prepare for all three sections and achieve a good score.

  • Follow a Routine Time Table

While you are already preparing for your boards, CUET is ready to meet you at the corner. As if the road wasn’t long enough! Although you can’t ignore either, the good news is that the CUET exam will be based solely on your class 12 syllabus. Therefore, you need to form a routine that will give you at least 2 hours of practice for CUET exams. You must not break your familiarity with the CUET pattern, even during the board exam preparation.

  • Time management during the exam

The two most crucial variables to consider when preparing for the CUET exam are speed and accuracy. You must practise answering questions swiftly and properly if you want to do well on the CUET exam. Experts believe that answering a question accurately is equally as crucial as answering it quickly. Practice and solve a lot of CUET Mock Test papers from past years to acquire a sense of the types of questions that will be asked in the exam. This will also help you develop and improve your time management abilities.

  • Pick up the best CUET Books for practice

Practicing your skills is important since your concepts need strengthening to the very core. Therefore, you must pick up the best CUET preparation books and start practising to become familiar with every concept to avoid any surprises in the CUET exam. If you choose your books wisely, it will help you examine your weak areas and your strengths to improve where you lack.

  • Double-check your calculations.

When taking the Quantitative Aptitude portion, it is crucial to double-check your calculations. If you study your equations and theorems, you’ll glide through this part. Make a list of the formulas and go over them periodically while you’re prepared. Maintain a focused and calm demeanour: Maintain your composure during the test. Nervousness will simply heighten your anxiety, and you may end up selecting the incorrect alternative. Make sure you’ve read the directions thoroughly before you start answering the questions.

  • Finale With Sample Papers

What was your plan? To wait till the testing body releases the CUET sample papers? Well, that was a bad idea. Be glad to have us! You know that CUCET has been renamed CUET. Therefore, until the CUET sample papers are released, you can practice solving previous years’ CUCET papers. The papers from the previous year of CUET are articulately framed; as actual papers of CUCET. These papers will help provide CUET exam practice and check progress. Do not wait until the testing body releases CUET Sample papers based on the CUET exam pattern to begin preparing. Without further ado, start preparing from existing CUET – 10 Practice papers by MTG and check your exam readiness.


With these helpful tips, we conclude this blog and will let you continue your studies. Students are anxious in the months following their class 12th board exams because they are concerned about making the best selection for their future. But, it’s vital to keep your cool during these situations. You must eat a balanced diet and receive adequate sleep. Regular topic revision ensures that no topic stone is left unturned. Although stress cannot be avoided, it does not have to consume one’s life. It’s vital to meditate or otherwise take a break from CUET exam preparation. Last but certainly not least, believe in yourself!

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