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CUET Planner for CUET Exam Study Plan

Update on: 02 May 2024, 11:40 AM

CUET Planner

CUET exam preparation does not have to be all that dreadful. However, it happens when one doesn’t have a proper CUET study plan. Students taking the NTA Common University Entrance Test must have a CUET Planner in order to score high in the entrance exam with flying colours. Cracking the exam will be like moonwalking if you know exactly what to study and how to study over these two months. Therefore, to score higher in CUET, you should concentrate on the CUET study planner. Go through this guide for a thorough study plan and points to remember to rejoice in your victory in the upcoming exam.

Important Points In The CUET Study Planner

  • Before creating your CUET study plan, familiarize yourself with the exam pattern, format, and syllabus, since this will help you determine which topics to tackle first. Also, stay updated with all information on the CUET latest updates.
  • Take up your favourite subject or topic first, and then go on to other things.
  • To begin, concentrate on your strong and weak topics to schedule your time accordingly.
  • Do not forget to collect the best CUET Books to study as they are vital to guide you.
  • In your daily schedule, be sure that all subjects have equal time allotted.
  • Avoid including difficult subjects on a regular basis, and attempt to mix and match the topics of subjects.
  • Keep a running list (to-do list) of everything you need to learn each day so you don’t forget anything.
  • You must focus on the CUET sample paper for practice & revision in your CUET planner.

Follow This CUET Exam Planner

What To DoTime Duration
Language1 hr
Domain specific subject2 hrs
General Aptitude1.5 hrs
Board exams3 hrs
Reading NewspaperHalf hour
Revision1 hour
CUET Previous Years PapersThree times a week
CUET Sample PaperThree times a week
Official NTA CUET Mock Test PapersNot out by NTA yet (regular practice)

1. Month-Wise CUET Planner 

In order to pass the CUET exam, students must have this well-organized and comprehensive CUET study plan for the leftover months. The syllabus for domain subjects will be similar to those you studied in classes 11 and 12. As a result, studying for the board exams will also assist you in studying for the domain-specific section since CUET is solely based on your class 12th CBSE syllabus. Most of you are probably studying for your entrance exam as well as your board examinations. So, whatever period in the day you’re studying for, make sure to divide the time in half. predominantly, devote half of your time to board preparation and the rest half to CUET preparation (language and general, aptitude).

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2. Section-Wise CUET Study Plan 

According to the CUET Exam Pattern, the entrance exam is divided into three sections mentioned below:

  • Section A: Language
  • Section B: Domain-specific (Subjects)
  • Section C: General Test

CUET Exam Planner For Language Section

The language questions on the NTA CUET Exam are primarily based on various types of reading comprehension passages.

  • The questions are intended to assess your comprehension of a passage and its core idea, as well as the definitions of words used in it.
  • Correcting grammatically incorrect sentences, filling up blanks in phrases with proper terms, and so on, are all part of the grammar section.
  • Topics like synonyms, antonyms, idioms & phrases, and reading comprehension should be given greater time in the CUET study plan.
  • Begin your preparation by allocating a specific amount of time to each topic and finishing all of them on time.
  • Make sure that you do your language section preparation from the CUET – 10 Practice Papers Language.

CUET Exam Planner For Domain Section

The domain-specific (subjects) section will have 27 subjects from which you must choose six domains to pursue in your undergraduate programme. Moreover, only the best four will be counted when calculating your CUET score.

  • In this portion, you’ll be asked questions about the domain-specific topic, with a level of class 12th
  • In your CUET study plan, you should devote as much time as possible to domain subjects mainly.
  • You can use CUET Books for science subjects by MTG to have the best preparation. Also, the CUET – 10 practice papers  will help greatly in the preparation for the domain section.

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CUET Exam Planner For General Test

To pass and score in the CUET exam, you will be required to take the general test which will be an aptitude test. It will assess your aptitude, logical reasoning skills, current affairs, and general knowledge.

  • Cover NCERT topics with an emphasis on crucial scoring topics such as percentage, ratio, average, mixes, work and time, compound interest, time speed distance, and so on.
  • Spend at least one hour per day preparing for the CUET general test section.
  • In your CUET study plan, divide the subjects you need to study each day.
  • Solving CUET sample paper and mock tests should also be part of your preparation approach.
  • Make a list of key terms or complex formulas from the material you’re studying to aid in revision.
  • If you know a lot about a subject, you can spend less time on it. Instead, give yourself extra time.
  • Do not forget to give the final touches to your general test preparation using CUET – 10 Practice Papers General Test by MTG.


We’ll wrap up this article with this helpful & useful CUET Planner for the exam and leave you to continue your study. In these months of your class 12th board exams, you are apprehensive because you want to make the best decision for your future. However, it’s critical to maintain your composure in these situations. You must eat a well-balanced diet and get enough sleep. Topic revision on a regular basis will ensure that no topic stone is left unturned. It’s critical to meditate or otherwise take a break from studying for the CUET exam. For the CUET exam, you should have a revision strategy. The revising technique will aid in remembering and comprehending the topics you’ve studied. Starting the revision period a few days before the entrance exam is always a good idea. Last but not least, have faith in yourself!

All the best!

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