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CBSE Board Introduces Major Changes in Exam Pattern-Know what’s new for 2020 CBSE Board Exam!

Update on: 07 Aug 2019, 05:36 PM


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has introduced major changes in the paper pattern of class 12 and 10 examinations. The changes are being made to improve the quality of education by focussing on a student’s analytical skills rather than rote learning. The Board exams are also expected to get preponed, Practical exams to be held in December, and Main Exams to be held in February. Finishing off all the papers in the month of March will ensure that results are released early and students will get more time to prepare for competitive exams, such as NEET and JEE, as well as in searching for a good courses and colleges for their admissions.

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The board will now give more importance to the internal assessment of the students. Major change will be observed in the questions paper format in the board exam 2020. This time, question papers will have a greater number of objective type questions (or MCQs).

CBSE changed the examination pattern with an aim to

  • discourage students from rote learning
  • develop analytical skills and reasoning abilities among students
  • produce better results and improve the academic quality of institutions

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Major changes in CBSE Class 12 Exam Pattern


As per the new assessment scheme, now, about 20% marks will be kept for internal assessment in all these subjects. Thus, from 2020 board exam, the CBSE board Exam paper will carry 80% marks. However, for the Science subjects and fine arts the weightage will remain unchanged.

To know the marks allotment for internal assessment and theory paper for other subject, visit the official site of CBSE and go through the latest CBSE syllabus for academic session 2019-2020.

The internal assessment will be like as following:

  • 10 marks from internal evaluation: In Mathematics, 10 marks out of 20 will be taken from the results of the school exams. The remaining 10 marks will be taken from internal evaluation.
  • 20 marks for Assessment for Speaking and Listening (ASL): In Class 12 English subject, 20 marks for internal assessment will be taken from ASL. This means students will be tested for their English language listening and speaking skills, on the basis of which they may secure maximum 20 marks. ASL will be conducted by the external examiners.


Now, for class 12 students, CBSE has introduced 25% Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in all the subjects from 2020 board exam onwards. Thereby, out of 80, only 60 marks will be given to the subjective type questions where students are required to write the detailed answers. This step is taken to discourage students from rote learning and to improve reasoning abilities. According to the officials, CBSE Board Exam papers may pick any line from NCERT textbook and turn it into a fill in the blank or objective type question. Only those students who are thorough with all the subjects would be able to secure good marks.

This will definitely help students improve their scores in exams as it will save their time in writing lengthy answers.


This year only, CBSE Board already increased number of internal choices in all sections of question paper by 33%. The same practice will further be continued for all subjects in the class 12 board examination 2020. The increased number of choices between questions helps students to answer the question in which they are more confident about and so help them score more marks in board examinations.


CBSE has proposed to conduct practical examinations at external centres same as for the theory exams from 2020 onwards. Board may also develop a new marking scheme for practical exams for CBSE Class 10 and Class 12.


As per the latest reports, CBSE may prepone the practical examinations for classes 10 and 12 to the month of December (Dec 15). As for the main examinations, CBSE 10th 12th Board Exams 2020 would begin from February 15. However, board has not issued any confirmation regarding the same. CBSE may release the CBSE 10th 12th Board Exams 2020 date sheets by end of November again.


From 2020, the main examinations will be conducted before the vocational examinations. The chronological order of the subjects for CBSE 10th and 12th Board exams 2020 date sheet will be based on the number of students appearing for the CBSE Board Exam 2020. Basically, exams for the subject having the greatest number of students will be conducted first.


For this year academic session 2019-2020, Board has also omitted some chapters from the syllabus. CBSE Class 12 Chemistry and CBSE Class 12 Physics. Students must go through the latest CBSE syllabus to know the topics prescribed for board examination 2020.

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Major changes in CBSE Class 10 Exam Pattern

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is likely to change the exam pattern for class 10 board exams. After introducing internal marking for English and mathematics papers, two-level mathematics exam options, now the board is likely to decrease the number of objective questions asked in CBSE class 10 board exams. The questions will be replaced by more elaborate answers to ensure creative writing and discourage rote learning.

Board experts are considering if they can reduce the number of questions and increase the marks for each question and encourage students to write detailed answers.

“The changes will be part of the routine review exercise ahead of exams. Once the changes are finalised, sample papers will also be released so that students get an idea and also get to practice the same before exams,” a senior CBSE official said.

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Besides, all the major changes in the question pattern of board exams, syllabus, practical exams, chronology and time of exams, the board has also come up with some changes in the evaluation process. Board want to give more time to the examiners to evaluate the papers error-free. Some steps will be taken to ease the load of copy coordination, like reducing the number of copies to be evaluated in a day. An evaluator is now expected to check only 20 answer scripts instead of 25 in the main subjects. This will lessen the coordination work from 100 to 80 copies.

The board has also planned to introduce new by-laws. These are for evaluating the academic quality of an institution before declaring it as an affiliated school or to renew an affiliated school’s certification. The institution and its infrastructure will be inspected by the authorities of the state’s education department.

We hope these changes work in betterment of every student and help in producing better results. To perform at par with on-going changes and changed syllabus, refer to MTG’s CBSE Board Exam Resources, the most updated and recommended study resources.

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