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CUET Sample Paper 2023 PDF Download With Solutions

Update on: 14 Jan 2023, 03:51 PM

CUET Sample Paper 2023 PDF Download

As the CUET exam will expectedly be taking place in the third week of May, students are getting more anxious by the minute. There are over 11,00,000 applications for the CUET exam this year; however, 9 lakh applicants have paid the fee out of those. It would be an understatement to mention that it will be a tough competition as so many applicants dream of getting into their dream college. So, what is your plan to stand out from the crowd and make your place? Simply following the study plan won’t do you good if you don’t have a good revision strategy or don’t self-evaluate your performance for the actual CUET exam 2023. To get into your desired college, you need to practice from CUET sample papers based on the recent CUET exam pattern set by the NTA.

CUET is just around the corner. Therefore, you need to have some exam-like practice to avoid surprises during the exam. To boost your confidence for the CUET, get hands-on preparation through the CUET sample paper 2023 PDF download below in this article. Attempting CUET sample papers will ensure that you get just the proper exam preparation. It will help you discover your weak points and how to improve your efficiency, speed, and time management during the actual exam. You will find a CUET sample paper with solutions PDF to download for free here. Simply download the free PDF of CUET sample papers from here and start practising to win.

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Free CUET Sample Papers 2023 With Answers

Aspirants who wish to take the CUET exam should study CUET 2023 sample papers to understand the exam structure and ace the CUET exam. The CBSE Class 12 sample papers will be comparable to the CUET sample papers. Case-based questions, assertion-reason, incorrect statement-based questions, and table-based match the following questions for several domains will be included in these free CUET sample papers PDFs that you can download from here.

The CUET sample papers are vital for students if they want to get a good rank and get admission into their desired college. Free CUET Sample Question Papers PDF are offered with solutions to assist students who would be taking this exam. This year’s exam will be conducted in a new format for the first time. Many students are concerned about the difficulty of the paper and the types of questions they may encounter on the exam. Experts have offered a solution to the sample paper so that candidates can overcome their nervousness and begin their CUET preparation appropriately.

The CUET exam is conducted entirely online. The most recent CUET sample papers or question papers are available here to download for free. Exam tension and confidence can be reduced by practising and solving these papers. Instead of solving or reading the entire CUET syllabus, most students concentrate on CUET sample question papers and critical questions to pass the exam. The best part is that these free CUET sample papers also have solutions through which you can self-evaluate your score.

The most basic yet fundamental aspect of CUET preparation is to use CUET sample papers and CUET practice papers based on the most recent pattern. Because the NTA has yet to release the official CUET sample mock test papers, you should practice using the next best thing, MTG’s CUET – 15 Practice papers for all sections. MTG has compiled 15 CUET sample papers into a book with over 5600 questions from all three sections. The good news is that the CUET exam follows the same syllabus as your 12th board exams. There is nothing better than this book if you want to prepare for all CUET sections of the CUET exam. Simply maintain your 12th class concepts as clear as possible and put them into practice using this book. The CUET entrance exam will seem easy then.

Another thing would be to use MTG’s Prep Guide CUET (UG)These CUET preparation books have revision notes for all chapters and practice corners following the latest CUET exam pattern by NTA. It also consists of practice papers with OMR sheets for hands-on exam practice. The books come in all subjects like Physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, accounts, economics, and business studies. Therefore, it won’t matter if the CUET exam is easy or not, you will be acing it if you prepare through these CUET preparation books.

Moreover, the CUET sample papers in this blog will be based on the recent and latest exam pattern set by the NTA. Now, you can start practising through these sample papers.

CUET Subjectwise Questions

CUET Physics Questions

CUET Chemistry Questions

CUET Biology Questions

CUET Maths Questions

How To Download CUET Sample Papers With Solution PDF?

The sample paper for CUET is available in PDF format here. For your free PDF of CUET sample question papers 2023 with answers, follow the steps below.

  • Select whichever CUET sample paper you want to download.
  • Click on the download button.
  • The CUET sample question paper 2023 will appear on the screen.
  • Download the free CUET sample paper 2023 PDF and start practising.

CUET Sample Paper Business StudiesView/Download
CUET Sample Paper EconomicsView/Download
CUET Sample Paper LanguageView/Download
CUET Sample Paper BiologyView/Download
CUET Sample Paper ChemistryView/Download
CUET Sample Paper MathsView/Download
CUET Sample Paper PhysicsView/Download


CUET sample papers are an excellent way to get a feel for the types of questions that will be asked on the actual CUET exam. Studying these sample papers and comparing your progress to the solutions can improve your problem-solving and time-management skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

From where can I get the exact sample papers for CUET?

MTG offers carefully crafted CUET sample papers, with questions created by our expert instructors with the best interests of the students in mind. We recommend you go over these CUET sample papers to become familiar with the question trends for the CUET exam and feel certain that you will be able to pass it easily! Furthermore, as previously indicated, you can choose MTG CUET 15 Practice Papers for all domains with solutions.

Are graduation books enough to compete in the CUET UG?

As mentioned, the CUET UG 2023 syllabus will be entirely based on your class 12th syllabus, and if you have a stronghold of concepts in class 12th, then the CUET exam will be great for you. Focus on creating your 12th syllabus base strong. However, like every other exam, the CUET exam also requires practice. Thus, you should practice using CUET sample papers by MTG. These sample papers will ensure excellent preparation and become well-versed with the CUET exam pattern.

Are there any long answer questions that candidates can prepare for CUET?

All the questions in the CUET 2023 exam will be MCQs. Therefore, you don’t need to practice for long answer questions but only MCQs and CUET sample papers. Hence, download the free CUET 2023 sample papers PDF with solutions from here and prepare to be placed in your dream college.

Does anyone provide CUET 2023 sample papers for free?

MTG provides free CUET 2023 sample papers with solutions for you to get a fair idea of the actual CUET exam pattern. You must practice through the CUET sample papers to avoid surprises during the exam. Thus, download the free PDF of CUET sample papers from here and start practising.

Is there negative marking in the CUET 202 exam?

Yes, there will be a negative marking of 1 mark in CUET. For every wrong answer, the candidate can lose 1 mark. However, for questions you don’t attempt, there is no negative marking.

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