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Light-Reflection and Refraction Class 10 Science MCQ With Solutions

Update on: 02 Feb 2024, 12:18 PM

Get free CBSE Class 10 Science Chapter 9 Light Reflection and Refraction MCQ Questions with Answers. These MCQ questions are based on the latest exam pattern according to the Class 10 Science syllabus, and can help students assess their preparation level. By solving these MCQ questions, students can quickly review the chapter and improve their subject knowledge. Each question is based on important topics and concepts from the chapter, helping you prepare for the exam and clarify any doubts you may have.

CBSE Class 10 Chapter 9 Light-Reflection and Refraction MCQs

Check below the CBSE Class 10 Science MCQ with answers and Clear your idea of Light-Reflection and Refraction.

Q.1. A ray passing through which part of a lens emerges undeviated ?

(a) Focus
(b) Centre of curvature
(c) Optical centre
(d) Between focus and centre of curvature

(c): For a ray passing through optical centre, we can say it must have fallen along the normal to the surface and therefore emerges undeviated.

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Q.2. The laws of reflection are true for

(a) the plane mirror only
(b) the concave mirror only
(c) the convex mirror only
(d) all reflecting surfaces.


Q.3. The unit of refractive index is

(a) metre (b) degree
(c) dioptre (d) it has no unit


(d): Refractive index, µ = c / v
i.e., µ is the ratio of same physical quantities. Therefore, it has no unit.

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Q.4. The amount of light reflected depends upon

(a) the nature of material of the object
(b) the nature of the surface
(c) the smoothness of the surface
(d) all of the above.

(c): The amount of light reflected from a surface depends upon the smoothness of the surface.

Q.5. To form an image twice the size of the object, using a convex lens of focal length 20 cm, the object distance must be

(a) < 20
(b) > 20
(c) < 20 cm or between 20 cm and 40 cm
(d) cannot say


Q.6. The focal length of a lens is –0.4 m. The lens is

(a) convex (b) concave
(c) cylindrical (d) none of these


Q.7. Which of the following statements is true?

(a) A convex lens with power + 4 D has a focal length – 0.40 m.
(b) A convex lens with power – 4 D has a focal length + 0.25 m.
(c) A concave lens with power + 4 D has a focal length – 0.25 m.
(d) A concave lens with power – 4 D has a focal length – 0.25 m.

Answer 7

Q.8. If f is focal length of the lens, then the power of a lens is equal to

(a) 100 / f (cm)
(b) 10 / f (cm)
(c) 100 / f (m)
(d) 1 / 100 f (cm)

(a): Power of lens = 100 / f (cm)

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Q.9. Select the incorrect statement stated below related to concave mirror.

(a) Outer surface is coated with opaque substance.
(b) Inner surface is polished and thus reflective.
(c) It is known as converging mirror.
(d) It is used to observe the phenomenon of refraction.

(d): Mirror is used to observe the phenomena of reflection.

Q.10. The focal length of four convex lens P, Q, R and S are 20 cm, 15 cm, 5 cm and 10 cm, respectively. The lens having the greatest power is

(a) P (b) Q
(c) R (d) S

(c): Power of a lens is inversely proportional to its focal length. Therefore, convex lens with the least focal length will have maximum power.

We hope the MCQs for the CBSE Class 10 Science Chapter 9 on Light-Reflection and Refraction are helpful for your board exam preparation, To practice more you can always rely on MTG CBSE class 10 Books for success in your class 10 exams.

Keep learning and stay updated with us for more CBSE exam updates.

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