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Top 9 Questions Olympiad Aspirants Often Ask-SOF Olympiads 2022

Update on: 07 Sep 2022, 11:00 AM

Questions Olympiad Aspirants Often Ask

Olympiads are the pioneers of the advanced education process. Following the Competency-based education as well CBSE/ ICSE/ other state examination curriculum. It’s a two-level exam that occurs in two phases, level 1 and level 2. Science Olympiad Foundation organizes the biggest Olympiad in the world in the domains of Science, Maths, General Knowledge, Social Science, Computers, Commerce, and English. Students from classes 1 to 12 can participate in these Olympiads.

Every year, since the Olympiad exam dates were announced, students and parents have had numerous concerns and questions. This analysis revealed that there are nine questions that have been asked repeatedly, so we’ve compiled the answers to these nine queries to make it easier for you to sail through SOF Olympiad exams.

  1. What are the eligibility criteria to participate in SOF Olympiads?
  2. What is the syllabus for SOF Olympiads?
  3. I am interested to participate in the NSO/IMO/IEO/IGKO/NCO/ICSO/ISSO Olympiads. Can you tell me the step-by-step Registration Process?
  4. I have inquired about the current Olympiad session, but our school has not yet received any information regarding the current session. What should I do?
  5. How do I register for NSO/IMO/IEO/IGKO/NCO/ICSO Olympiads?
  6. Are there any special books that I should refer to for SOF Olympiads preparation?
  7. What is the structure and pattern of the SOF Olympiad examination?
  8. When are the results of the Olympiads declared?
  9. Can I participate in more than one Olympiad exam?

Q1. What are the eligibility criteria to participate in SOF Olympiads?

SOF Olympiad exams are organized into two levels: Level 1 & Level 2. All students from classes 1 to 12 can participate in the Level 1 exam, except ICO. The ICO exam is conducted only for students in classes 11th & 12th. Level 1 exam is conducted for all 7 Olympiads.

Level 2 exams are conducted for only SOF IEO, SOF NSO & SOF IMO, and students from classes 3rd to 12th can participate in it.

SOF ISSO, SOF IGKO, SOF ICO & SOF NCO will be single-level exams.

The participants in Level 2 would include:

  • The top 5% of class-wise candidates who appear for the 1st level exam.
  • Top 25 rank holders class-wise & zone-wise.
  • Class topper where at least 10 students from a class appear in Level 1 & score 50% qualifying marks.
  • For more details refer sofworld.org.


Q2. What is the syllabus for SOF Olympiads?

The syllabus of SOF Olympiads 2022-23 covers a wide range of curriculum from CBSE/ICSE/State and other boards. The examination is based entirely on objective questions that are composed of Multiple-Choice Questions. But the questions asked in the Olympiad exams are quite different from your school exams.

Olympiads evaluate conceptual learning and develop a student’s reasoning, analytical, and problem-solving capabilities. Must visit the official website to check the class-wise and subject-wise syllabus of SOF Olympiads.

Q3. I am interested to participate in the NSO/IMO/IEO/IGKO/NCO/ICSO/ISSO Olympiads. Can you tell me the step-by-step Registration Process?

The registration process is simple and can be done in two ways:

  • Through Schools: Schools can register their students Online or Offline mode. Schools can download the Schools Registrations Forms [SRF] for offline mode, available on the SOF official website. After completing all the formalities, send the details to Foundation either through email or through post.
  • Individual Registrations: In case the school is not participating in the Olympiads the If your school is not participating, students can register individually.

Q4. How to prepare for SOF Olympiad Exams?

Olympiads are conducted to test the skills, level of knowledge, and power of reasoning of a student outside of their regular school education. It helps students to judge themselves academically within the school, city, zone, and above all at the international level. To achieve success in Olympiads, you must learn, prepare, practice, and revise thoroughly the complete curriculum prescribed for SOF Olympiads.

Check on the complete syllabus beforehand starting your preparation, know the exam pattern to understand the typologies of questions, prepare through Olympiad Workbooks & Olympiad Prep-Guides to ace theory and multi-level exercises, and practice questions to understand Olympiad exams through Olympiad Previous Years Papers, enhance your skills through indulging in Olympiad Skills Development Programmes or Online Test Packages and you will sail out with maximum scores and best results.

Apart from this, your lucky charm and game-changing technique could be to enroll in MTG’s Olympiad Online Classes or get access to Olympiad Recorded Lectures. If you want to be taught by Olympiad experts who literally know all ins and outs of the SOF Olympiad exams then join these classes. These professional teachers demonstrate each and every child and teach everything required to ace the exams. However, if you can’t keep up with the batches because of time then here’s an even better option for you. Get Olympiad Recorded Lectures which are nothing but unedited, recorded video lectures which are exact replicas of our Olympiad Online classes. For face-to-face interaction with these Olympiad experts, you will get 3 live doubt sessions too. Thus, these video lectures give you the convenience of studying at your own time and pace.

Essential Preparation Blogs for SOF Olympiads

Q4. I have inquired about the current Olympiad session, but our school has not yet received any information regarding the current session. What should I do?

In this case, you need to contact Science Olympiad Foundation and share your name, e-mail ID, and complete address of your school along with the name and contact details of the principal. The organization will soon send the detailed information and registration forms to your School so that your Principal / Olympiad Teacher-in-charge can register your name for the exam.

Q6. Are there any special books that I should refer to for SOF Olympiads preparation?

In general, school textbooks prescribed by the CBSE/ICSE and State Boards may be referred to for preparation. But SOF recommends books from MTG Editorial Board on its website. MTG is the only Official Content Partner of SOF. You should not overburden yourself by referring to other publications’ books. You just refer to the following books/materials for Olympiad preparation along with your school books:

Olympiad Workbooks

  • Chapter-wise MCQs with solved examples.
  • HOTS or Achievers section to enhance reasoning skills.
  • Previous year paper of Olympiad is included.
  • Hints and explanations provided.
  • OMR sheets for hands-on exam practice.


Olympiad workbooks
olympiad prep guides

Olympiad Prep-Guides

  • Detailed theory with Olympiad Bites providing unique facts.
  • Self-tests and exercises with variety of questions.
  • Achievers section to develop analytical skills.
  • Chapter-wise questions and 2 Model test papers.
  • Answer key with each chapter for evaluation.

Olympiad Previous Years Papers

  • 10 Olympiad papers of 5 previous years SOF Olympiad.
  • 2 Model test papers for a progress check.
  • OMR sheets were added for exam-like practice.
  • All papers with chapter-wise analysis.
  • Answer key to all 12 papers with hints & explanations.
olympiad previous year papers

Olympiad online classes

Olympiad Online Classes

  • One-hour Instructor-led online class.
  • Doubt-clearance sessions with review assessments.
  • Weekly tests.
  • Class recording and PPT included.
Olympiad Skill Development System

  • Scientifically designed updated test series.
  • Especially curated set of 8 downloadable Olympiad sample papers.
  • Each sample paper is weekly available.
  • Detailed solutions shared after one week.
  • OMR sheets for exam-like preparation


osds books

Olympiad power pack

Olympiad Powerpack Combo

A combo of all Olympiad essentials brought in one place for precise preparation.

Comprises of –

  1. A Workbook,
  2. A Reasoning Workbook,
  3. An Olympiad Previous Years Paper Book,
  4. An Olympiad Prep-Guide, and
  5. An Olympiad Skill Development System.

Online Test Package

  • Interactive, downloadable, and printable online tests.
  • Vast question bank covering the Olympiad syllabus.
  • Test generator to practice unlimited tests.
  • 5 Olympiad previous years papers.
  • 6 Mock tests for Olympiad preparation.
  • Free participation in All India Mock Test.


Online Test Package

Olympiad Recorded Lectures

  • Complete coverage of the Olympiad Syllabus.
  • 20 Recorded lecture classes of 1+ hour each.
  • PDF Notes of content taught in each lecture.
  • 20 Short assignments for each class.
  • 10 Tests from the taught Olympiad syllabus.
  • 15+ Olympiad Worksheets throughout.
  • 3 live Doubt sessions with Olympiad experts.
olympiad recorded lectures

Moreover, class 11th and 12th students can refer to Monthly Magazines – Chemistry Today, Biology Today, Mathematics Today, and Physics For You by MTG, which contain useful matter including solved and model test papers of various National and International Olympiads.

Q7. What is the structure and pattern of the examination?

  • Questions will be objective i.e., multiple-choice Questions.
  • Time: one hour.
  • Mode: Online / Offline as per the selection by the school.
  • A number of questions: 35 for classes 1 to 4, 60 for 5 to 12.
  • Marking – No negative marking, one mark for the correct answer in standard sections, and a 2/3 (based on class) score for the Achievers section.
  • Download the complete pattern section-wise and the marks allotted for each section.

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Q8. When are the results of the Olympiads declared?

The results are declared usually after 8 weeks of the examination. The results are sent to the concerned schools. The results are also made available on the official website of SOF.

Q9. Can I participate in more than one Olympiad exam?

Yes, you can! The foundation does not bar participants from participation in more than one Olympiad. You can participate in all the seven Olympiads i.e., NCO, NSO, IMO, IEO, ICSO, ISSO & IGKO in a year as per class eligibility. All these exams are completely different competitions. So, the choice should be on your interest. In fact, if you participate in all Olympiad exams then you could even get an academic excellence scholarship worth Rs 5000 by SOF.

We hope many of your doubts must be clear after reading this blog. For more specific and expert tips, post your comments below. We feel pleased to help students in their preparation time and give them honest guidance. So, don’t hold your doubts, launch them to us and stay assured.

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today!

All The Best!

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