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The Best SOF NSO Level-2 Exam Essentials. Released Now!

Update on: 04 Jan 2024, 04:24 PM

Best SOF NSO Level-2 Exam Essentials

Congratulations to all the students who successfully aced the SOF NSO 2023 Level-1 exam! This means you have qualified for the next level, which is the Level-2 exam to be on 11 February 2024. The SOF NSO exam is very important and difficult, and only 5% of students from all around the world who took the Level-1 exam have qualified for Level-2. If you are one of those students, that means you are in the top 5%. However, the challenge doesn’t end here, there is more to come.

If you haven’t checked the results yet check –  SOF National Science Olympiad (NSO) Exam 2023-2024 Results Declared

The Level-2 exam is even harder, with less than 1% of students being able to pass it. To be successful in this exam, you need to prepare even more. But don’t worry, MTG is here to help you. They have special resources for the SOF NSO Level-2 exam that are designed to make your preparation easier. These resources will help you do your best and give you the chance to compete on a global level in the SOF NSO exam. Plus, awesome prizes are waiting for you if you do well.

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Best MTG SOF NSO Level-2 Study Essentials

Following resources are meticulously curated for the best preparation for SOF NSO Level-2 exam.

Online Classes for Science-NSO-Olympiads – Level 2
This course is made for NSO students who are getting ready for Level 2 National Science Olympiads. It is designed to teach you all the topics in a short amount of time. By taking this course, you will gain valuable knowledge and skills that will help you succeed in the Olympiad competition.

– Concept revision and discussion on last year’s Level 2 paper

– Expert-led online course

– 1-hour classes covering concept revision and practice questions

– Doubt clearance sessions

– Access to recorded lectures explaining solutions to last year’s paper

Online Classes for Science-NSO-Olympiads – Level 2

All India NSO Online Mock Test Series – Level 2

These practice tests are very similar to the actual SOF NSO exams in terms of the number and quality of questions. They help students become better at managing their time during the exam. They provide a real exam experience and valuable practice.

– 3 Mock tests based on the SOF NSO 2023 exam pattern.

– Test duration & Number of questions matches the SOF NSO.

– Syllabus and difficulty level are aligned with the SOF NSO.

– Attempt the tests anytime and anywhere.

All India NSO Online Mock Test Series – Level 2

NSO Olympiad Skill Development System (OSDS) – Level 2
The NSO Olympiad skill development system (OSDS) is made to help you prepare for the real SOF NSO exam. It gives you practice that is very similar to the real exam. Every seven days, you will receive a question paper and an OMR answer sheet. The solution for each day’s test paper will be emailed to you along with the test paper for the next day. The solution for the last test paper will be emailed to you on day 8. This system will help you get into the habit of how to take the exam regularly. So, what do you get from this system? You get practice that is similar to the real exam and a regular study habit.

– 5 Practice test papers in PDF format.

– 5 OMR Answer sheets in PDF format.

– 5 Answer Keys for the practice test papers in PDF format.

NSO Olympiad Skill Development System (OSDS) – Level 2

NSO Previous 4 Years Papers (Instant download eBook) – Level 2
This e-book contains 4 years of SOF NSO previous year papers to get you acquainted with the exam pattern and reduces the uncertainty of how the exam will be like bringing more confidence to you. With an e-book format it gives you freedom to attempt and familiarize with the exam pattern anytime, anywhere.

NSO Previous 4 Years Papers (Instant download eBook) – Level 2

Why wait? Don’t waste time, every minute is precious, and the competition is tough. Begin getting ready for SOF NSO Level-2 right away & leave no stone unturned. So, you can stand out at the top at the international level and make your parents proud!

Good luck!


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