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How to Prepare For SOF Level 2 Olympiads The Right Way

Update on: 07 Dec 2023, 11:00 AM

SOF Level 2 Olympiad

Every year millions of students appear for SOF Level 1 Olympiads from 100+ countries and 70,000+ schools across the globe but only a few students get qualified for SOF Level 2 and get eligible for the prize. The result of SOF level 1 Olympiads for the session 2023 are out now! MTG team congratulates all the candidates who qualified level 1 exam and will appear for the second level of IMO, IEO, & NSO. It’s time to prepare for the SOF Level 2 – IEO, IMO, & NSO exams.

Preparing for SOF Olympiads is considered to be a big task and when it comes to SOF Level 2, most parents dread that it will require too many resources to sincerely prepare for SOF Level 2 Olympiads. This extra time and efforts are actually uncalled for! On the contrary, SOF Olympiads are conducted to liberate children from the overburden of a structured educational system. SOF Olympiads aim to enlighten aptitude in children, and for which no extra efforts are needed, just the right approach is needed. In this article, we will be discussing this.

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Plan your Study Time Wisely!
Benjamin Franklin once rightly said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. Before you start your level 2 prep, make sure you have planned your time thoughtfully. A timetable must be made in which the syllabus of the school and SOF Level 2 Olympiads can be studied simultaneously. Apart from school studies, invest an additional few hours, say 1-2 hours every day for SOF Level 2 Olympiad preparation. Preparing for both exams together in this way will be both time-saving and efficient.

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Know the Pattern of Your Exam
When you’re preparing for SOF Level 2 exam, you must know the pattern of the exam. The questions in SOF Level 2 Olympiads are of varying levels of difficulty. From the number of questions to the difficulty level, you must be aware of all the relevant information about the SOF Level 2 exam pattern. SOF Level 2 Olympiad pattern is totally different from your school exams as it has objective-type questions. You can visit the official website of the Science Olympiad foundation to learn the exam pattern of each SOF Level 2 Olympiad viz. IEO, IMO, & NSO.

Moreover, you can also learn about the SOF Level 2 exam pattern and difficulty level with 4 Years Previous Papers Level-2 and by attempting All-India Online Mock Test Series for IEO, IMO, and NSO Exam. 

To prepare efficiently for SOF Level 2 Olympiad, only studying is not enough! Timing yourself to assess your own area of strengths and weaknesses to determine where you need to put more effort and where it isn’t necessary. A student should try to get their hands on as many sample papers and previous years’ question papers as they can and attempt to solve them. As MTG publications are the official content partner for SOF, so it will be best to use their study materials. It offers Previous years’ papers, Olympiad Skill Development System, All-India Online Mock Test Series, and Online Live Classes to prepare for SOF Level 2 IEO Olympiads.

Learn from An Olympiad Expert
To make sure that you leave no stone unturned in your SOF Level 2 preparation of IMO, IEO, & NSO, you need a mentor and instructor who can guide you to the right path by analyzing your mistakes and showing you the correct ways of solving problems in exams. Thus, what’s better than live Online Olympiad Classes to enhance your analytical thinking with the guidance of an expert who knows every rhythm of the Olympiad exam? With the best Olympiad study material and online Olympiad classes, there’s nothing that can stop you from acing the examination. Hence, an aspiring student who is deep in preparing for their career path must enrol in the best online Olympiad classes by MTG to excel.

However, if you have missed your chance at Olympiad live classes then you can also opt for Olympiad recorded lectures which are simply the unedited recorded video lectures of Level 2 Olympiad classes.

SOF Level 2 books

Keep Yourself Away from Distracting Things
Avoid logging in to social media while you are preparing for SOF Level 2 because engaging in such activities may steal away your time and concentration. You should turn off your electronic devices while you are studying, and switch them on only when you are taking a break or when you are done. You’d be surprised at how well you can focus on your studies! Just rethink your goal because later you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the things you missed out on during your preparation.

Concentrate on Common Topics
The most effective way to prepare SOF Level 2 Olympiad along with school studies is to study smart. Study the SOF Level 2 related topics taught by the teacher at school with more concentration and try to correlate them. That way, solving problems in school becomes easier. In case the topic being taught at the school and your SOF Level 2 preparation are the same, try to finish it first. Build basics of that topic, which will help you in your school exams, while solving the higher-order thinking questions for SOF Level 2 exams. Refer to MTG’s Learning Mathematics, Science, and English Grammar along with your school textbooks for smart preparation for the Olympiads.

With these points in mind, you should find the right balance between your School studies and SOF Level 2 Olympiad preparations. Besides these, if you want to explore important tips on how to prepare for SOF Level 2 exam you must read our blog on Advanced Guide for SOF Level 2 Olympiads preparation.

You are so close to victory; don’t give up now!

Good Luck!

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