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Carbon and its Compounds Class 10 Science MCQ

Update on: 02 Feb 2024, 05:24 PM

Here are some multiple-choice questions (MCQs) for CBSE Chapter 4  Class 10 Science Carbon and its Compounds. According to the updated CBSE Syllabus, these MCQs are designed to help students become familiar with the question types and their difficulty levels. With the recent changes in the exam pattern, MCQs have become an important part of the Class 10 Science Board exam. To assist students in understanding these question types, we have compiled MCQs specifically for Chapter 4 to make fundamentals strong. Additionally, answers to these MCQs are also available for students to reference. These MCQs are available in this post, enabling students to access them at any time during their studies. Students can also use the CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers books for more practice.

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CBSE Class 10 Chapter 4 Carbon and its Compounds MCQs

Q.1. Vast amount of energy needed to run factories is obtained from
(a) nuclear reactors
(b) hydroelectric dams
(c) coal and petroleum products
(d) tidal waves.

(c): More than 50% of total energy is generated from coal and petroleum products

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Q.2. Which of the following organic compounds does not have the same chemical properties as methanol?
(a) C2H6O
(b) C5H10O
(c) C4H10O
(d) C7H16O

(b): Methanol is alcohol having general formula CnH2n+1O. C2H6O, C4H10O, and C7H16O belong to the same series except C5H10O. Thus, C5H10O does not have the same chemical properties as methanol.


Q.3. The given diagram shows the arrangement of valence electrons in organic compound Q, having molecular formula X2YZ2.

ques 3




What could be the compound Q?
(a) Methanol (b) Ethanol
(c) Methanoic acid (d) Ethanoic acid


(c): From the given diagram,
Valence electrons in X = 1
Valence electrons in Z = 2
Valence electrons in Y = 4
Thus, X is hydrogen (H).
Y is carbon (C).
Z is oxygen (O) i.e., methanoic acid.





Thus, Q is HCOOH, i.e., methanoic acid.

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Q.4. An organic compound X with molecular formula C2H4O2 turns blue litmus red and gives brisk effervescence with sodium bicarbonate.
Identify the compound.
(a) Methanoic acid
(b) Ethanoic acid
(c) Ethanol
(d) Methanol

(b) : C2H4O2 must be CH3COOH since it turns blue litmus red and gives brisk effervescence with NaHCO3 due to the evolution of CO2.


Q.5. Which of the following compounds can undergo an addition reaction with chlorine?













Q.6. The properties of two gases, P and Q, are given here.
(1) P dissolves in aqueous sodium hydroxide but Q does not.
(2) Q does not decolourise aqueous bromine.
(3) When Q burns in excess oxygen, the products are P and water only.
What are P and Q likely to be?

p Q
(a) Carbon dioxide Ethane
(b) Carbon dioxide Ethane
(c) Carbon monoxide Ethane
(d) Ethane Ethane
(a): As Q does not decolourises bromine water hence Q is saturated hydrocarbon (ethane) which on combustion gives CO2(P) and water.


Q.7. The structural formula of 2-methyl-2-butene is
(a) CH3 – CH(CH3) – CH == CH2
(b) CH3 – CH2 – C(CH3) == CH2
(c) CH3CH == CH – CH3
(d) CH3CH == C(CH3)– CH3



Q.8. Structures of two different forms of carbon are given below:







Identify the two forms and how are they related to each other?
(a) Diamond, Graphite, Isotopes
(b) Graphite, Diamond, Allotropes
(c) C12, C14, Allotropes
(d) C14, C12, Isotopes

(b): Given structures are of graphite and diamond and these are allotropes of carbon.

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Q.9. When the number of carbon atoms per molecule in alkanes increases,_________.
(a) the viscosity increases
(b) the flammability increases
(c) the density decreases
(d) the boiling point decreases



Q.10. An element P has electronic configuration (2, 4) and element Q has electronic configuration (2, 6). The formula of a compound formed by P and Q is
(a) Q—P—Q
(b) Q P Q
(c) Q P Q
(d) none of these

(c) : P is carbon thus valency is 4 and Q is oxygen hence valency is 2. Thus, compound formed is O=C=O or Q =P=Q

We hope the MCQs for CBSE Class 10 Science Chapter 4 on Carbon and its Compounds are helpful for your board exam preparation.

Keep learning and stay updated with us for more CBSE exam updates.

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