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JEE Main 2024 Deleted Syllabus: Subjectwise Reduced and Added Topics

Update on: 04 Nov 2023, 12:45 PM

JEE Main 2024 Deleted Syllabus

In the latest update from the NTA (National Testing Agency) on 1 November 2023, it has been announced that the syllabus for the JEE Main 2024 Session 1 exam, scheduled to be held from 24 January to 1 February 2024, has undergone a reduction. The previous syllabus comprising 64 units has now been rationalized to a total of 53 units across the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. This reduction of the JEE Main 2024 syllabus has occurred to bring the JEE Main 2024 syllabus in line with the rationalized syllabus of NCERT Class 11& 12.

New & Deleted Syllabus of JEE Main 2024 Physics

The subject that faced the least reduction in JEE Main 2024 syllabus is physics. Out of 20 Units only 1 unit has been deleted, a few topics from the Experimental skills section along with a few topics have been added also. The reduced and added topics are mentioned below.

Deleted Units and Topics from JEE Main Physics 2024 SyllabusAdded Units and Topics from JEE Main Physics 2024 Syllabus
Physics, technology, and society vehicle on a level circular road, vehicle on a banked road.
Accuracy and precision of measuring instruments Motion in a vertical circle
zero vector Equilibrium of rigid bodies,, comparison of linear and rotational motions.
Geo stationary satellites Motion of a satellite,, time period, and energy of satellite.
Reynolds numberEffect of gravity on fluid pressure, critical velocity, excess of pressure across a curved surface
Newton's law of coolingIsothermal and adiabatic processes.
Carnot engine and its efficiencyoscillation
Resistances of different
Electrical potential energy of electric dipole in an electrostatic field , potential difference
Colour code for resistorspotential difference
Potentiometer - principle and its applicationsMobility and their relation with electric current
CyclotronDisplacement current
Earth's magnetic field and magnetic elementslens makers formula, refraction of light through a prism
Magnetic susceptibility and permeability. Hysteresis.
Electromagnets and permanent magnets
* Magnetic field due to a magnetic dipole (bar magnet) along its axis and perpendicular to its axis. Torque on a magnetic dipole in a uniform magnetic field
Quality factorThe effect of temperature on magnetic properties
Resolving power of microscopes and astronomical telescopes
Davisson-Germer experiment
isotopes, isobars:
isotones. Radioactivity- alpha. beta and gamma particles/rays and their properties; radioactive
decay law
Junction transistor, transistor action, characteristics of a transistor:
transistor as an amplifier (common emitter configuration) and oscillator
Transistor as a switch
Plotting a cooling curve for the relationship between the temperature of a hot body and time. (Experimental Skills)
Potentiometer -
i. Comparison of emf of two primary cells.
ii. Determination of internal resistance of a cell (Experimental Skills)
Characteristic curves of a transistor and finding current gain and voltage gain (Experimental Skills)
Using a multimeter to:
(i) Identify the base of a transistor
(ii) Distinguish between NPN and PNP type transistor
(iii) See the unidirectional current in case of a diode and an LED.
(iv) Check the correctness or otherwise of a given electronic component (diode, transistor, or IC). (Experimental Skills)

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New & Deleted Syllabus of JEE Main 2024 Mathematics

This is one of the most important subjects in JEE. To align the syllabus of mathematics with that of the NCERT syllabus, 2 units have been deleted out of 16 units, leaving 14 units to focus on for the JEE Main 2024 exams. The following units have been deleted in mathematics.

Deleted Units and Topics from JEE Main Mathematics 2024 Syllabus Added Units and Topics from JEE Main Mathematics 2024 Syllabus
Square root of a complex number, triangle
Properties of determinants-
Elementary transformations-
Properties of
Binomial coefficients
Sum up to n terms of special series; Sn, Sn2,
Sn3. Arithmetico-Geometric progression
Rolle’s and Lagrange's Mean value Theorems-
and normal
Integral as limit of a sum-
The formation of differential equations-
Translation of axes-
Equations of internal and external by sectors of angles between two lines-
Equation of the family of lines passing through the point of intersection of two lines-
Condition for a line to be tangent to a circle-
Equation of the tangent-
Condition for Y = mx +c to be a tangent
and point (s) of tangency
Plane in different forms-
Intersection of a line and a plane-
coplanar lines-
Scalar and vector triple product-
Bernoulli trials, and binomial distribution-
TRIGONOMETRY heights, and distance-

New & Deleted Syllabus of JEE Main 2024 Chemistry

NTA has brought the biggest changes in the JEE 2024 chemistry syllabus to reduce the burden of rote learning and to promote conceptual learning. In the Updated JEE 2024 Syllabus of Chemistry, 8 whole units and a few topics have been deleted which were previously deleted in the revised NCERT textbooks. Following are the deleted units of chemistry in the JEE Main 2024 exam.

Deleted Units and Topics from JEE Main Physics 2024 Syllabus Added Units and Topics from JEE Main Mathematics 2024 Syllabus
Physical quantities and their measurements in Chemistry, precision, and accuracy,
significant figures. S.I.Units, dimensional analysis.
hormones ( general introduction.
Thomson and Rutherford atomic models and their limitations-
Groupwise study of the p - block elements Group -13-
P- BLOCK ELEMENTs Group -14-
P- BLOCK ELEMENTs Group -15-
P- BLOCK ELEMENTs Group -16-
P- BLOCK ELEMENTs Group -17-
P- BLOCK ELEMENTs Group -18-

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The revision of the JEE 2024 syllabus was long overdue, as it needed to be updated to remain relevant in the changing times. The new syllabus aims to alleviate the burden on students by eliminating obsolete or unnecessary topics and aligning it with the NCERT 2023 textbooks. This enables students to concentrate more on mastering the fundamental concepts and skills required for their exams, without wasting time on irrelevant subjects. Furthermore, the NTA syllabus change ensures that the curriculum stays in line with any modifications in the JEE 2024 exam pattern or format. Students must be familiar with the latest requirements and expectations as exam patterns evolve. The revised syllabus guarantees that students can adequately prepare for any changes in the structure of the examination.

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