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How to Memorize Something Fast | 10 Ways to Memorize Fast

Update on: 08 Jul 2023, 10:00 AM

how to memorize something fast

“The human brain is a most unusual instrument of elegant and as yet unknown capacity. God has gifted each of us with a “Brain”, nothing can ever beat the power of the brain. It is an essential part of our body that stores limitless information. The brain helps in memorizing and learning things, thus making a person smart. Everyone has his/her own technique to memorize but here are a few which work for everyone to Memorize things faster.

How to Memorize Something Fast

Mentioned below are a few steps to train your brain to memorize things faster and optimize your learning.

Step1  ➡ Meditation

Everyone experiences stress in his/her professional and personal life. Sometimes sleep is also not enough to relax the mind. The best solution is to meditate daily for at least thirty minutes. Meditation is the most relaxing technique which allows your brain to think better and faster.

how to memorize something fast - meditation

Step 2 ➡ Draw Mind Maps.

Your brain has the power to think intelligently and creatively, so draw it out! Mind maps offer an expressive way to get both an overview of a concept as well as a better image to manage it. So, if you are struggling to understand a concept faster, a mind map is a good technique to start with.

how to memorize something fast - mindmaps

Step 3 ➡ Finish One Topic At A Time

No matter what others say that multi-tasking is good or people with this skill are highly appreciated. But the important thing is to focus on one task at a time. Finish it, achieve it and then move ahead. By doing so, your brain starts to explore it and pay attention to the work more. The brain of a multitasking person distributes the mental energy and gets tired soon, which eventually reduces the capability of a brain to work better.

Step 4 ➡ Teach Someone Else
The most effective method to memorize the information quickly is to teach the same knowledge to someone else and you can do this in a number of innovative ways. You can lecture the knowledge to someone sitting right in front of you and explain your newly learned knowledge.

how to memorize something fast - teach someone

Step 5 ➡ Solve Puzzle And Play Mind Games

Did you know that solving puzzles put your brain into thinking mode? The more you try to find the solutions to puzzles the more you open up to newer ideas. It is advisable to try solving different puzzles every day and play different mind games. Brain games are very essential for your brain to learn things faster. Playing brain games is similar to physical exercise where one pushes the physical limit to strengthen its muscle, likewise, your brain nerves develop beyond their convenient zone.

Step 6 ➡ Record And Listen To What You’re Memorizing

Use this step when you are trying to memorize the information from a lecture. Use your gadget or tape recorder to record all the learned facts being spoken and listen to them. Indeed, this practice will help you learn the information faster.

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Step 7 ➡ Write Everything Down

Writing is one of the best ways to learn things quickly. It is advisable before you start trying to recall a concept, write and re-write the information related to the concept. By doing so, you will become more familiar with what you’re trying to memorize. Doing this while listening to your tape recorder can also help you memorize a lot of the data.

how to memorize something fast - write down

Step 8 ➡ Visualize Things

If you have trouble remembering something then try visualizing it in the form of a picture. Visualization in itself has great power; let me explain with an example. Suppose, I tear a paper into four pieces and ask you to fix the paper into its actual form such that even its minor joint is not visible, then is it possible to fix it? I know your answer will be a big No, but your brain has the power to do such impossible tasks by just visualizing it! Hence visualization allows the brain to function faster and better.

how to memorize something fast- visualize

Step 9 ➡ Learn the information in Tricky ways

Always try to learn the things with short tricks. For example, if you want to solve mathematics problems on addition, multiplication, and subtraction of large digits numbers then there are a lot of tricks in Vedic math to solve the problems quickly. Also, abbreviations make your learning faster. Don’t you agree? Ok, I used to say AIIMS, NEET, etc. instead of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, National Eligibility Cum Entrance examination, and obviously yes, it is easy to learn. Isn’t it? Hence, remembering things in tricky ways is best to memorize them faster.

Step 10 ➡ Take A Break

Finally, let your mind breathe. Go for a short time without thinking about what you just learned and come back to it later. A small break helps your brain to rejuvenate so that you can refocus on the topic and attack the concept with renewed energy. You’ll find out what you really know and this of course will help you on the sections you might be weakest at.

take a break

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