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10 Logic Math Puzzles for Kids With Answers to Flex Their Brain Muscles

Update on: 04 Jul 2024, 04:19 PM

Mathematics isn’t all about memorizing formulas! Logic puzzles can make learning math fun and engaging for kids. These brain teasers challenge them to think critically, apply reasoning skills, and solve problems creatively. So, get ready for some fun math challenges!

  1. The Sneaky Sheep:

There are 10 sheep in a field. If 7 jump the fence, how many sheep are left?

Logic Puzzle 1


3 (There were 10 sheep, and 7 jumped out, not all of them!)

  1. Fruitful Fractions:

An apple pie recipe calls for ¾ cup of sugar. If you only have a ½ cup measuring cup, how many times do you need to fill it to get ¾ cup of sugar?

Logic Puzzle 2


1.5 times (Fill the ½ cup measuring cup three times, but only use ¾ of the last fill.)

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  1. Sock Drawer Shuffle:

There are 4 red socks and 6 blue socks in a drawer. If you close your eyes and pick a sock, what is the chance you’ll pick a red sock?

Logic Puzzle 3


40% (There are 4 red socks out of a total of 10 socks: (4/10) x 100% = 40%)

  1. The Busy Bus:

A bus drops off 5 children at the first stop, then picks up 3 more at the next stop. How many children are on the bus now?

Logic Puzzle 4


3 (The bus started empty, dropped off 5, and then picked up 3, resulting in a net of 3 children on board.)

  1. Button Bonanza:

There are 3 buttons on a shirt: one is big, one is small, and one is medium. How many different ways can you arrange these buttons in a row?

Logic Puzzle 5


6 (There are 3 choices for the first button, then 2 choices for the second, and 1 choice left for the third. 3 x 2 x 1 = 6)

  1. The Clockwork Caterpillar:

A toy caterpillar crawls up a vertical pole 3 steps forward each day but slips back 2 steps each night. How many days will it take to reach the top of a 10-step pole?

Logic Puzzle 6


9 days [(Steps gained each day) x (# of days)] = (# of total steps to climb)

Solution: The caterpillar gains 1 step each day (3 steps forward – 2 steps back). So, it will take 10 steps / 1 step gained per day = 10 days. But wait! That doesn’t account for the first day. Since it starts at the bottom (step 0) and climbs for 1 day, it will be on step 1 at the end of the first day. So, it takes 10 total steps – 1 step already climbed = 9 days to reach the top.

  1. Calendar Caper:

Today is Tuesday. How many days will it be until the next Saturday?

Logic Puzzle 7


4 days (Saturday comes 6 days after Tuesday, but we don’t include today – so it’s 6 days – 2 days = 4 days)

  1. Mystery Number Sums:

Think of a number between 1 and 10. Add 4 to it, then double the sum, and subtract 8. What number do you always end up with?

Logic Puzzle 8


Any number! (The order of operations matters here! Let your chosen number be x. ((x + 4) * 2) – 8 = (2x + 8) – 8 = 2x. Regardless of what number you pick between 1 and 10, doubling it and subtracting 8 will always result in itself multiplied by 2.)

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  1. Mystery Number:

I am thinking of a number. It is greater than 4 but less than 10. What is the number?

Logic Puzzle 9


There are many possible answers! (This is a good challenge for kids to think of all the possibilities between 4 and 10.)


  1. Code Cracker:

In a secret code, each letter is replaced by a number. A = 1, B = 2, and so on. If “CAR” translates to 3118, what is the code for “DOG”?

Logic Puzzle 10


4157 (C = 3, A = 1, R = 18. In alphabetical order, D = 4, O = 15, and G = 7)


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These are just a few examples to get you started. There’s a whole world of logic math puzzles out there waiting to be explored!

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