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How To Avoid Negative Marking In NEET 2024 Exam? Best Tips To Follow Here

Update on: 10 Sep 2023, 03:06 PM

How To Avoid Negative Marking In NEET

If you want to fulfil your dream of becoming a doctor, then the NEET exam is the best route to get into the country’s most prominent medical college. Thousands of NEET applicants attempt to pass the NEET exam every year in the hope of becoming a doctor. Every year, the competition gets tougher as a big pool of students vies for a spot in one of the country’s premier medical schools. This year, the competition raised by 2.5 lakh as the total number of registrations crossed 18 lakhs crossing the benchmark of 16 lakhs. However, a candidate needs to get decent marks out of 720 and a good rank to get a seat. As the number of students grows, the competition becomes more intense every year.

Most students are anxious about the NEET marking scheme and want to know if there is negative marking in the NEET exam. Since negative marking can be a major roadblock in any competitive exam, aspirants hesitate to answer questions even when they have a strong guess of the answer. However, you must be aware that even the tiniest silly mistake in the NEET exam could cost you thousands of rankings. Thus, you can’t just go around and guess the answers to fill the OMR sheet dark blue. We’ve included some of the greatest tips to help you overcome your anxiety about answering questions and assessing questions that could result in avoiding NEET negative marking.

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How Do You Calculate Negative Marking In the NEET exam?

A total of 180 questions appear in the NEET exam, and the paper is of 720 marks. Negative marking will remain the same, with one mark deducted for each incorrect answer. For each correct answer, four marks will be rewarded. There will be no deduction of marks for unanswered questions. Before taking the exam, every candidate should be well-versed in the marking scheme. A true NEET aspirant will be prepared for the worst and create the perfect strategy to avoid negative markings in the NEET exam.

According to a poll performed on the answering pattern by students under negative marking conditions, more than 60% of students prefer to leave questions unanswered, around 30% may or may not answer the question, and less than 10% prefer to answer all questions, leaving no area blank in the OMR sheet. How do you know which is the best strategy out of these three? These three categories will give you a fair idea of what to do and what not to do in the NEET exam to avoid negative marking, and then we will move on to the tips. So, let’s go!

Discussing Three Scenarios of Negative Marking In The NEET Exam!

  1. If you leave the questions unanswered.

It’s one of the most common strategies that students mostly succumb to. This happens because students are motivated by a fear of unfavorable chances of losing marks resulting in negative markings. If you have no idea what the concept is, you can do this for 3-4 questions, but you shouldn’t do it for 10-20 questions. It would have a significant impact on your overall score and rank. The chances of a good score in this no-risk zone are greatly lowered because the applicant has hardly attempted any questions. According to us, this is not a suitable strategy.

What Should You Do In This Case?

Well, there are no shortcuts to success, right? The only thing you can do to avoid being in this position is study thoroughly and not leave any concepts behind. You can pick the bestseller NEET preparatory resource, Objective NCERT At Your FingertipsIt really is your knight in shining armour. The book has MCQs pulled out from each and every line of NCERT and will cover the complete NCERT syllabus in an effortless manner. NCERT, the most important textbook for the NEET exam, requires in-depth knowledge, and this is the book that will bring all NCERT concepts to your fingertips. Still, if you have no idea of the concept in the question, then try and consider the closest answer and move forward. Remember, you should only opt to do this with 1-2 questions to reduce your chances for negative marking and increase your chances for a better rank.

  1. If you answer all the questions.

We understand your motivation to answer all questions without contemplating the ramifications of final marks because you are afraid of losing out. However, let us bring light to the fact that you are ignoring the fact of negative marking in this scenario. Instead, you simply want all dots in the OMR sheet to be substantially darker. This strategy is not at all recommended for an exam like NEET by us. Since you will simply be answering all the questions in fear, you have a higher chance of getting more negative markings.

What Should You Do In This Case?

If you are unsure about the question at hand, don’t answer it right now. That question can be skipped, and you can come back to it later. If you’re confident that the paper is sufficient for you and don’t want to take a chance on one or two questions, choose the answer you think has the highest probability of being correct. One incorrect answer equals one mark reduced, and in NEET exams, a single mark might lose you hundreds of rankings.

  1. You might or might not answer the question.

More than 30% of aspirants make this decision and opt for this strategy based only on how well their paper is doing at the time and are thus willing to follow the cutthroat tactic. Applicants choose answers based on thorough estimates to combat the negative marking system, such as selecting the answer you believe is most likely or second; you reject the answers one by one which seem most unlikely to you and finally reach the correct answer. This strategy is highly recommended by us because it involves taking calculated risks and, as a result, is more likely to result in success. The odds are higher and result in a higher score when compared to the other approaches, but the risk remains the same while the outcome varies. Here, the chances of leaving questions unanswered are smaller, so we suggest this strategy personally the most.

What Should You Do To Opt For This Case?

Do the most basic and beneficial thing – Be prepared thoroughly. Do not ignore the NCERT textbook and do not skip any concepts. Try to strengthen your core in-depth for all topics. Finally, for the best outcome, practice through NEET previous years’ papers and NEET sample papers. You must opt for MTG’s 36 Years NEET Chapterwise Topicwise Solutions, which has 35 previous papers of NEET. Furthermore, for sample paper practice, you can pick MTG’s Sample papers for NEET-UG. These books will give you hands-on practice and exam-like preparation as they have OMR sheets and answer keys with explanations. These are some of the best NEET books out there for the final month of revision and practice. Opt for these books and start practising to increase your chances of higher rank and reduce the chances of negative marking in the NEET exam.

5 Tips To Avoid Negative Marking In The NEET Exam 2024

Now that we know all three scenarios of negative marking, let’s move on to the tips and tricks to avoid negative marking in the NEET exam.

  1. Carefully Read The Question Paper.

Properly understanding what each question is asking for is very important for you. This is a must-do because students can come across similar questions in previous years’ question papers. Also, your chances of finding similar questions in the NEET exam will increase if you have studied through MTG NEET BOOKSas 90% of questions are identical in the NEET exam from the MTG’s NEET study material and be through with your NEET 2024 syllabus. However, there may be minor differences in the papers that students may miss if they do not thoroughly read the question paper. Therefore, students should thoroughly read all of the questions before attempting the NEET exam.

  1. Do Not Be Presumptuous.

Being self-assured is beneficial while being overconfident is dangerous. Thus, you should know the fine line between confidence and overconfidence. When you first begin answering NEET questions, be sure you don’t become overwhelmed and irresponsible. After reading the question paper, a few aspirants become overly enthused, which might lead to foolish mistakes and, as a result, negative marking. So, if you want to get a better score on the NEET exam, try not to be overconfident when taking it.

  1. When In Doubt, Skip The Question.

If you are unsure about a topic, don’t attempt any questions because it will waste your time and damage your confidence. If you get stuck on a question, you can either skip it or try it after you’ve finished all the others. Otherwise, you will lead to negative marking. Never attempt an answer on the spur of the moment since there are more chances that it will be incorrect. Leaving an uncertain question rather than testing your luck is always prudent. Also, don’t waste time by starting with difficult questions. Instead, leave them for later and opt to do easy questions first.

  1. Do Calculations Properly.

Since NEET is not an IQ test, don’t do oral calculations. Instead, it will test your comprehensive understanding of all concepts and the grace of implementing them on questions. As a result, do not attempt to solve any questions orally. Calculations should always be done with a pen and paper, and that way, you may be sure that the answers are correct. Moreover, don’t attempt questions at the last minute because it will only lead to panicking. Allow some of the questions to go unanswered if you are unsure. Even if you’re revising the solved paper at the last minute, don’t take a chance on them.

  1. Don’t Mark Two Answers.

Follow the NEET guidelines at all times. It is crucial to follow the NEET exam guidelines to prevent negative marks, such as avoiding selecting two answers for one question on the OMR sheet. If you do this, whether purposefully or unintentionally, the entire question will be rejected, and you will receive negative marking. Make sure there are no overlaps at all times. Also, neatly fill out the OMR sheet.

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Follow These Tips & Avoid Negative Marking In NEET exam 2024

These are some helpful tips on how to avoid negative marking In NEET that all NEET aspirants should follow while attempting the exam. Maintain a cheerful attitude and be self-assured. Don’t make the mistake of believing that guessing answers would get you a good rank. These careless mistakes will only enhance your chances of receiving negative marks. It is not impossible to achieve a good score if you prepare thoroughly according to the norms and syllabus and leave no space for mistakes. Always work on your fundamentals, leave no stones unturned, and be ready to become a NEET topper.

All the best.

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