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How to Prepare for JEE from Class 11th

Update on: 03 May 2023, 12:36 PM

JEE preparation from Class 11th

There’s a saying, “The sooner, the better.’’ It means the earlier you start, the better your position in the race. If you want to be a future IITian, then ideally you must start your JEE preparation from Class 11th. The questions asked in the JEE exam are almost equal to the Class 11 and Class 12 syllabus. The concepts and topics included in class 11 are very crucial because only by clearing these you will be able to make a strong base and foundation for JEE exam. Be regular with your studies and don’t get worried about where to start and how to study for JEE. This article will guide you about the things that are important for JEE preparation from class 11th.

Preparation Tips  for JEE from Class 11

  • Know the Examination.

One of the first things when starting JEE preparation is to know about the examination. What kind of examination is it? whether it is conducted in an offline or online mode. What is the syllabus of the exam? What is the weightage of different chapters in the exam and more? Knowing the answers to these questions is very important to prepare for JEE. The best way of knowing an exam is by going through its previous years’ question papers. Check out the JEE Previous years’ paper and understand the pattern, level of difficulty, and weightage of the chapters in the exam.

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  • Make a study schedule and Execute it.

Once you know the examination, you need to make a proper study schedule and more importantly follow it strictly. A well-planned study schedule will help you to cover your school course and JEE syllabus parallelly. You must utilize your school hours in the best way possible. First, understand everything that is taught in the class. In case you missed out on anything, try to clear that particular itself after reaching home. Don’t procrastinate your work and study.

Second, try to solve all the problems related to the topic that you have learned in class. You can go through Objective NCERT at your fingertips (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics). This book is the most recommended and has been a bestseller on all platforms for JEE preparation. Reason? Because it makes you master each line of NCERT by providing thousands of MCQs pulled out from each and every line of NCERT. It gives you chapter-wise, synopses for quick-and-easy revision of important concepts, and topic-wise MCQs derived from NCERT textbooks for revision. These are very valuable for the preparation of your school exams and JEE both. A true JEE aspirant would not miss this book on their bookshelf.

  • Practice on JEE Level MCQs of Std. 11

Start solving JEE level MCQs of Std. 11 for every chapter that you have finished. The benefit of this is that you will be comfortable with JEE-level questions in std. 11 itself and that will serve as a big advantage for your 12th standard. By the time you reach Std 12, you would already be comfortable with JEE main exam level questions because your base would be strong. Thus, you would only need to learn the chapters of std. 12 and put less effort into MCQs. You can practice and solve chapter-wise and topic-wise questions of your class 11 std syllabus with JEE Main Guide and JEE Champion (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics). This series provides an excellent approach to solving JEE-level MCQs at 11 std. These two books are divided into two sections according to the class 11 and class 12 syllabi along with being topic-wise and chapter-wise. Therefore, you can start preparing from these books along with your NCERT in both classes. These books provide a lot more.

  • Resolve all your doubts to your satisfaction.

If you are not understanding something or anything, take help from your teacher, mentor, or peers and clear your doubts. It is a good thing to ask questions, don’t hesitate to ask them. Also, you can take help from some reference books from class 11 and clear your doubts. You may go for Rank Up Physics series to clear any doubts about class 11 Physics and make a strong base for JEE exam.

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  • Tracking your Progress & Self-Evaluate.

The most important strategy for JEE preparation from Class 11 is tracking the progress. And the best approach for progress tracking is to solve JEE Online Mock test and JEE previous years’ paper books. However, mock tests cover the entire syllabus of Class 11 and 12, but you should attempt the questions from class 11 only. Because by doing so, you will get a fair estimate of how much time you exactly required in solving questions of a particular type. Simultaneously, you can concentrate on improving your speed and accuracy.

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The next two years will be the most precious years of your life. The momentum that you build now, in class 11, will help you in achieving your goal to become an IITian. Hope the above tips will help you in JEE Preparation from Class 11th. In case you need further help on how to plan, you can drop your queries down below in the comments.

All the best!

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