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MTG Monthly Magazines for Making NEET/JEE/CBSE/CUET Preparation Extraordinary!

Update on: 03 Jul 2023, 12:00 PM

MTG Monthly Magazine

It often happens that students who are preparing for competitive exams such as NEET or JEE, or even the CBSE students, get bored with their syllabus and studying consistently. It’s only stating the obvious that they have a strict and disciplined routine where they are regularly only moving towards learning more and scoring more eventually. However, some students do try to look for ways of interactive learning. Since not only does it keep you entertained and alive out of boredom but also helps you learn extra. That’s where MTG’s Monthly Magazines come into the picture. These are India’s Number 1 monthly magazines which come in four major disciplines – Physics for You, Biology Today, Mathematics Today, and Chemistry Today. These magazines have over 1 crore avid readers who appreciate them wholeheartedly.

MTG magazines have long been praised by students and teachers for their authenticity in content and novelty in the presentation of basic information. These magazines provide self-contained learning segments that make it easier for students to grasp and learn a variety of difficult topics on their own. To get the most out of your favorite MTG Magazines, you should be aware of some of their key features.

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Highlights of MTG Monthly Magazines

  1. Quick, Easy, & Impactful Revisions of Important Topics

MTG Magazines contain articles that cover all of the topics that are important in all engineering and medical entrance exams and CBSE Board exams. The topics are described in a clear manner that will assist students in recalling a large amount of information that includes all critical points of the class XI and XII syllabus. The featured articles follow a specific format that allows for easy revision of key topics required for high marks in both competitive and Board exams. Magazines also cover concept maps or brain maps which cover the syllabus of class XI and XII.

  1. Complete Coverage

The best part that most people find in these magazines is that they cover the complete syllabus of Classes XI and XII for NEET, JEE, and CBSE. All four magazines consist of important topics explained, concept maps, solved papers for competitive exams, CBSE Warm-up section for class XII, practice question papers, mock tests, gear it up, wrap it up, monthly test drives for self-evaluation, Olympiad corner for practice, challenging problems, and many more interactive things like sudoku, puzzle corner, “you ask, we answer”, etc. Also, there are solutions to all questions to grasp concepts for thorough understanding.

  1. Competition Edge & Practice Corners

Each issue of MTG Magazines contains a variety of newly framed questions because they are updated each month with the latest updates and trends. Along with other question sections, chapter-specific questions are provided. Separate sections have been created to meet the needs of NEET and JEE candidates, as well as CBSE and other competitive exam candidates. MCQs are designed in such a way that they assist readers in improving their problem-solving skills and assessing their readiness for any exam. Olympiad problems with detailed solutions are provided, allowing students to improve their analytical skills and learn each concept in depth. MTG magazines also include a short section with information on the most recent research news, amazing facts, and highly inspiring scientists in order to pique the readers’ interest in science.

  1. Accessibility

The magazines are highly economical and there’s no one who would have to think twice before buying it. The magazines can be carried easily anywhere and anytime. MTG Magazines’ primary goal is to assist students in their learning process. For those who prefer to read magazines and books on the go, MTG Magazines are also available in digital format. MTG magazines are also available to those who live in areas where advanced educational facilities are not yet available. Because online resources and well-known books written by well-known authors are not easily accessible to candidates from all over our country, we were inspired to lend a helping hand to them as well. You also get bound volumes of the previous year’s magazines, giving you a year’s worth of coverage in a single package.

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  1. Beneficial for All Exams?

Not only these magazines are beneficial for NEET, JEE, CBSE, and Olympiads but also for CUET (UG), WB JEE, BITSAT, and other competitive exams. Since they cover the entire CBSE syllabus of Classes XI and XII in their 12 issues of each month, you can easily revise through it and its impactful concept maps. The students can evaluate their learning of each month through the magazine’s monthly test drives. Not only this, students can also practice previous years’ papers of JEE Main and Advanced, BITSAT, WB JEE, NEET, etc.

twitter review for MTG monthly magazine

Read what the toppers have to say about the benefits of the magazines:

Arunangshu Bhattacharyya, JIPMER Topper 2019 – “I am happy to share that I have scored Rank 1 in JIPMER, Rank 6 in AIIMS and AIR 19 in NEET. Along with the coaching notes, I use to read MTG monthly magazines. I have been a regular subscriber of mtg magazines of physics, chemistry and biology since class 9th. Though at that time, most of the concepts were alien to me still the lucid language in the magazines stimulated my interest in the subject and played vital role in refining my preparation strategy in the last two years”

Bhavik Bansal AIIMS TOPPER 2019 – “I have used MTG AIIMS Explorer and NCERT Fingertips. Also, I used to solve questions from CBSE Drill and NEET Ready from MTG Magazines. (Physics – Chemistry – Biology – Maths)”

Kartikey Gupta JEE Advanced Topper 2019 – “MTG Magazines really helped me as from these magazines, I used to read the content thoroughly and practiced all the MCQs based on chapters”

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