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What Is an Ideal Handbook and Which Should You Choose for Your Last-Minute Revisions?

Update on: 05 Jun 2023, 05:46 PM

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Once upon a time, there was a diligent NEET student who used to study a lot and pulled a lot of all-nighters to complete his preparation. He had all the right resources – great books, great coaching and willpower. However, there was one thing that he was not doing correctly. After completing a topic with practice, he used to leave behind that topic even in the upcoming months without revision. He never used to turn around to revisit that concept and even if he did, he used to read it again and again from his huge textbooks only. He didn’t create any notes or anything for concise and quick revisions, let alone make lists of formulae and definitions to memorize.

When the time came, his patterns never changed and he kept doing preparation, practice and revision in the same manner which was very time taking and unfruitful. After his NEET exam, he realized his mistakes and even after perfect preparation, he lagged behind because he lacked the correct way of revision. He couldn’t remember the formulae and concepts properly and made mistakes which cost him a failure in NEET.

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Every aspirant need revision be it a NEET, JEE, CUET or CBSE Board aspirant. After the complete and thorough understanding, learning and preparation, comes revision and practice. However, these two things never end because no amount of practice and revisions are enough. With practice, you test out new questions each time even if they are based on the same concept because the purpose is to get a strong hold of that concept. And with revision, you read and learn the same thing over and over so that you don’t forget that concept just because you’re learning new concepts every day.

One thing that never stops being easy is revision. A student with a lot to cover in a limited time can’t afford to read gigantic books repeatedly in the name of revision. Thus, there has to be another way. And there is! HANDBOOKS!

Even subject matter experts, expert teachers and toppers suggest that all students use Handbooks after completing all the concepts from the NCERT textbooks.

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What is Handbook?

A handbook is a small book, capable of being conveniently carried as a quick & concise reference book, covering a particular subject for revision. It has textbooks in one-liner format so that you don’t have to read the complete paragraphs for revision and can revise with just small concise lines.

Why is a Handbook Required for Students?

Students can’t always go through their huge textbooks for quick revisions and can’t carry those gigantic books with them anywhere. They’re heavy and also inconvenient to read for revisions. That’s where Handbooks enter! Gone are the days when students had to use a highlighter pen to mark the crucial points they thought they were going to revise. They always end up marking the complete paragraph. However, Handbooks are convenient to carry & provide formulas and definitions when you’re on the go. With Handbooks, you can revise all the topics with just a look.

How MTG Handbook is actually a Handbook?

The purpose of the handbook is to provide quick yet concise revision. However, all the handbooks out there are killing their purpose as they are the same size as big guides. If textbooks and Handbooks are of the same size then what good are they? You won’t get last-minute revisions or quick references from them. Thus, MTG launched Handbooks that are just what you need when you want convenience, revision & quick reference.

MTG Handbooks are perfect for last-minute revisions or memorizing formulas and definitions when you’re in a hurry.


Ideal HandbooksMTG Handbooks
Small SizeYES
Concise NotesYES
Summarized InformationYES
Complete SyllabusYES
Easy-to-Understand LayoutYES
Clear DiagramsYES
User-Friendly PresentationYES
Convenient to CarryYES

MTG Handbooks Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics – Useful for NEET, JEE, CUET and CBSE Boards

MTG is introducing its first edition of the Handbook for Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics which will work as a revision module beneficial for revising the entire syllabus for NEET, JEE, CBSE Boards and CUET. MTG Handbook will help students with concept clarity at every step of the learning process. This book aims at providing precise content to students to make studying even the most difficult topics interactive and fun. This book gives every NEET/JEE/Board/CUET aspirant an opportunity to revise the subject while travelling or between two shifts of examination. This book can be conveniently carried around by students due to its compact design. Salient features of this book –

  • NCERT insight – Short and crisp notes which cover all the NCERT content along with additional information to give an extra edge to your preparation.
  • Terms and Definitions – All important terms and definitions of subjects are covered.
  • High-definition diagrams – A unique display of HD images merged with text for better understanding.
  • Step-by-step diagram – An easy-to-understand flowchart for better understanding.

Handbook benefits

MTG handbook is curated by a team of competent, qualified and professional academicians to be the finest and error-free book. We hope that this book will be an excellent handbook and help you to face the exams with ease and confidence. Say goodbye to inconvenient and time-taking revisions!

All the Best!

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