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10 Important Do’s to Follow in Examination Hall

Update on: 10 Nov 2018, 04:52 PM

An Examination hall is a place where the students are tested for the knowledge they have acquired throughout the year. Exams are always a frightening situation for the students. As soon as they approach the exam hall, their heartbeat rises, throat dries, their whole body begins to shiver and much more. Understand the fact that exams are just to assess your preparations and so there is no need to get tensed or nervous.

10 Important Do to Follow in Examination Hall

Here are 10 Do’s that you must follow for better test performance. Try them out!

1. Carry All Necessary MaterialsCarry All Necessary Materials

You should carry all necessary materials for exam such as pens, pencils, erasers, scale, geometrical box etc. Make sure that you keep your identity card, hall tickets, and other mandatory documents or materials along with you. Keep them all at one place the night before your exam. Because, last moment searching for these things can stress your mind more and create panic during the exam which can be disastrous. After you enter the examination hall, keep all required things on your desk so that there is no need of last minute hurry burry.

2. Follow the Instructions Carefully:

Follow the Instructions CarefullyRead through the exam guidelines provided to you with the admit card. This is the foremost thing which a student should follow while going into the examination hall. Violating any instruction may lead to cancellation of your candidature.



3. Read the Question Paper Carefully:

Read the Question Paper Carefully

Take your time to read the question paper carefully from beginning to end before you start attempting the questions. By doing so, you can organize your thoughts and manage your time for each question to be answer. But don’t spend much time on this, manage your time accordingly. Say if you have three sections and three hours of exam then you must divide your time like 55 minutes for each section and 15 minutes for glancing at the entire paper.

4. Getting Answer Sheet Signed by Invigilator

At the exam hall, always remember to get your answer sheet duly signed by the invigilator. In case you take extra sheets, you must ensure that these are also signed by the invigilator. If your present invigilator skips to sign on your answer sheet then it is your responsibility to get it signed within 30 minutes as your exam starts. Invigilator’s signature is a must to validate your answer sheet.

5. Make Strategy for Writing an Answer:

Make Strategy for Writing an AnswerKeep your mind cool and try attempting those questions first of which you are very sure as it will boost your confidence level and will save your time. Don’t jump instantly into writing the answer, take first few seconds to plan the answer accordingly.

6. Manage Your Time:Manage Your Time

It is advisable to manage your time accordingly without panic. Schedule your time in such a way that you get some more time to go through the entire answer sheet again to avoid the possible mistakes. If you do not know the answer to a particular question, do not waste time by repeated thinking over it, rather move on to other questions. If you finish early, you can check these unanswered questions.

7. Ignore Other Test Takers:

Ignore Other Test TakersYou should avoid noticing other test takers because their anxiety might be contagious. You don’t need to be bothered about what others are writing or doing in their answer sheets. Stay cool and enjoy your writing. Don’t panic if you notice other students writing very speedily and finish their test before the time, you just take your time and don’t get nervous about the speed.

8. Listen to Any Verbal InstructionsListen to Any Verbal Instructions

Be sure to listen verbal instructions carefully because most of the exam papers contain some errors that might be corrected by the instructor verbally. So, you must be aware to any verbal instructions from the instructor or any messages written on the board.

9. Stay Relax! It’s just an exam:

Stay Relax! It’s just an examTry to relax without compromising on speed and avoid tension creeping in your mind. Stay relaxed, there is nothing to be worried about as you enter the exam hall. Only think in mind that you will rock the exam. Just relax and don’t get too worried about the forgotten points. There is always a chance of remembering things when you start writing. Keep yourself hydrated before you enter the hall. You may also carry a water bottle if allowed inside the hall.

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10. Cross CheckCross Check

Last but not the least, you must check all answers before submitting your answer sheet to the invigilator. You should keep last 15 minutes before the final bell to cross-check your answers. A thorough revision of every answer is necessary as it will help you to identify the errors and make the necessary corrections. There are also chances that you have left out a question or two by mistake. Your careless mistake can miss high marks and grades. Attempt that too and submit the paper.

To rehearse all these important do’s, you must solve previous years papers and model test papers (as many as possible) before your exam day.

Want a good book for previous years’ paper and model test paper?

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