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IEO Level 2 Sample Papers with Solutions | For Classes 3-8

Update on: 07 Feb 2024, 02:50 PM

The Science Olympiad Foundation has built a strong reputation for its Olympiad exams, as evidenced by millions of students who participate each year from across the country. Among millions who participate in level 1 IEO exam, Only 5% of participants qualify for the Level-2 IEO exam which is a great achievement on its own. Now to win the SOF IEO level-2 exam, you need to be in the top 1%. This exam is known to be more challenging and difficult than the previous one, so you need to have a strong understanding of language and be able to think critically. Therefore, we are providing IEO Level 2 sample papers for class 3 to 8 which will help students in gearing up for the upcoming level 2 IEO exam going to be held on February.

IEO Level 2 Sample Papers with Solutions

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IEO Level 2 Sample Papers for Class 3-8

ClassIEO Level 2 Sample Paper
3IEO Level 2 Class 3 Sample Paper
4IEO Level 2 Class 4 Sample Paper
5IEO Level 2 Class 5 Sample Paper
6IEO Level 2 Class 6 Sample Paper
7IEO Level 2 Class 7 Sample Paper
8IEO Level 2 Class 8 Sample Paper

Recommended IEO Level 2 Study Material

The IEO study material includes ICSE/ISC, CBSE, and State Boards curriculum syllabus. To excel in IEO exams, students should be familiar with the IEO Level 2 syllabus. In addition to the curriculum followed by the boards, there are various IEO study materials available for students to study from.

SOF Level 2 Exam Schedule

The second level Olympiads will be conducted on Sunday 11th February 2024 as per the following schedule:

SOF International English Olympiad9.00 am to 10.00 am
SOF National Science Olympiad11.00 am to 12.00 Noon
SOF International Mathematics Olympiad1.00 pm to 2.00 pm

SOF IEO Level 2 Marking Scheme for Class 3 – 12

The marking scheme for IEO level 2  is as follows.

Benefits of Solving IEO Level 2 Olympiad Sample Papers

The IEO Olympiad sample papers offer several benefits to students, including:

1. Improving English Grammar Skills
The IEO sample papers are an excellent resource for students to improve their Grammar skills, particularly in grammar. By practicing with sample papers, students can familiarize themselves with the types of questions that will be included in the main IEO exam.

2. Sample Papers for All Grades
The sample papers are designed to cater to students of different grade levels. This allows students to access sample papers that are appropriate for their respective grades, making it easier for them to practice and prepare for the exam effectively.

This concludes the SOF IEO Level 2 Sample Papers for Classes 3-8. We hope that the information provided in this article proves to be beneficial for students’ studies. Stay connected with MTG for the latest updates on the SOF Olympiad Level 2 exams.

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