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JEE Mains Physics Questions with Solutions – MCQ’s (15-03-2023)

Update on: 15 Mar 2023, 10:00 PM

JEE Mains Physics Questions

To assist students in their preparation and help them perform better at JEE Mains Physics, MTG has come up JEE Mains Physics questions for the upcoming exam. These questions are likely to appear in JEE Mains, the ones considered most important. Questions are provided with answers. We will make sure to update every month. Check them out.

JEE Mains Important Physics Questions with Solutions – (15-03-2023)

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Q.1. Two wires are made of the same material and have the same volume. However wire 1 has cross-sectional area A and wire 2 has cross-sectional area 4A. If the length of wire 1 increases by ∆x on applying force F, how much force is needed to stretch wire 2 by the same amount?
(a) 3F (b) 5F (c) 9F (d) 16F

A.1. (d)

Q.2. Temperature of equal masses of three different liquids A, B and C are 10°C, 15°C and 20°C respectively. The temperature when A and B are mixed is 13°C and when B and C are mixed, it is 16°C. What will be the temperature when A and C are mixed?

(a) (130/11)°C

(b) (140/11)°C

(c) (121/12)°C

(d) (90/12)°C

A.2. (b)

Q.3. Work done in increasing the size of a soap bubble from a radius of 4 cm to 7 cm is nearly (Surface tension of soap solution = 0.03 N m–1)
(a) 4π mJ (b) 0.2π mJ
(c) 2π mJ (d) 0.8π mJ

A.3. (d)

Q.4. The height at which the acceleration due to gravity becomes g/9 (where g = the acceleration due to gravity on the surface of the earth) in terms of R, the radius of the earth, is
(a) 2R (b)R/√2 (c) R/2 (d) √2R

A.4. (a)

Q.5. A circular disc X of radius R is made from an iron plate of thickness t, and another disc Y of radius 4R is made from an iron plate of thickness t/4. Then the relation between the moment of inertia IX and IY is
(a) IY = 32IX (b) IY = 16IX
(c) IY = IX (d) IY = 64IX

A.5. (d)

Q.6. A closed vessel contains a mixture of two diatomic gases A and B. Molar mass of A is 16 times that of B and mass of gas A contained in the vessel is 2 times that of B. Which of the following statement is incorrect?
(a) Average kinetic energy per molecule of A is equal to that of B
(b) Root mean square value of translational velocity of B is four times that of A
(c) Pressure exerted by B is four times that of exerted by A
(d) Number of molecules of B in the cylinder is eight times that of A

A.6. (c)

Q.7. Figure shows a rod of length 20 cm pivoted near an end and which is made to rotate in a horizontal plane with a constant angular speed. A ball of mass m is suspended by a string, also of length 20 cm from the other end of the rod. If the angle θ made by the string with the vertical is 30°, find the angular speed of rotation. Take g = 10 m s–2








(a) 22 rad s–1 (b) 13·5 rad s–1
(c) 4·4 rad s–1 (d) 2·3 rad s–1

A.7. (c)

Q.8. The diffusivity is given by K/Sd, where K is coefficient of thermal conductivity, S is specific heat and d is density. Then dimensional formula of diffusivity is
(a) [L2T–1] (b) [LT–1]
(c) [L2T2] (d) [LT–3]

A.8. (a)

Q.9. Two identical charged spheres are suspended in air by strings of equal lengths and make an angle of 30° with each other. When suspended in a liquid of density 0.8 g cm–3, the angle remains the same. What is the dielectric constant of the liquid ? Take density of the material of the sphere = 1.6 g cm–3.
(a) 3 (b) 7 (c) 1.5 (d) 2

A.9. (d)

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JEE Mains Important Physics Questions with Solutions – (24-2-2023)

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Q.1. The length of an elastic spring is a metres when a force of 4 N is applied, and b metres when the 5 N force is applied. Then the length of the spring when the 9 N force is applied is
(a) a + b (b) 9b – 9a (c) 5b – 4a (d) 4a – 5b

A.1. (c)

Q.2. The length of a magnet is large compared to its width and breadth. The time period of its oscillation in a vibration magnetometer is 2 s. The magnet is cut along its length into three equal parts and three parts are then placed on each other with their like poles together. The time period of this combination will be

(a) 2 s

(b) ²⁄³ s

(c) (2√3) s

(d) (²⁄√³) s

A.2. (b)

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Q.3. Find the apparent distance of the object kept below a glass slab of variable refractive index μ = k(1 + x2) where k = 1 m–2 at x = 1 m. The observer is just above the glass slab at x = 0.

(a) Π⁄2 m

(b) Π⁄3 m

(c) Π⁄6 m

(d) Π⁄4 m

A.3. (d)

Q.4. At what minimum kinetic energy must a hydrogen atom move for it’s inelastic head on collision with another stationary hydrogen atom so that one of them emits a photon? Both atoms are supposed to be in the ground state prior to the collision.
(a) 20.4 eV (b) 36.3 eV
(c) 108.8 eV (d) 122.4 eV

A.4. (a)

Q.5. A container with insulating walls is divided into equal parts by a partition fitted with a valve. One part is filled with an ideal gas at a pressure P and temperature T, whereas the other part is completely evacuated. If the valve is suddenly opened, the pressure and temperature of the gas will be

(a) P⁄2 , T⁄2

(b) P, T

(c) P,T⁄2

(d) P⁄2, T

A.5. (d)

Q.6. The length of a given cylindrical wire is increased by 100%. Due to the consequent decrease in diameter the change in the resistance of the wire will be
(a) 200% (b) 100% (c) 50% (d) 300%

A.6. (d)

Q.7. A junction diode is connected to a 10V source and 103 Ω rheostat as shown in figure. The slope of load line on the characteristic curve of diode will be

(a) 10–2 AV–1
(b) 10–3 AV–1

(c) 10–4 AV–1
(d) 10–5 AV–1

A.7. (b)

Q.8. Two men of equal masses stand at opposite ends of the diameter of a turntable disc of a certain mass, moving with constant angular velocity. The two men make their way to the middle of the turntable at equal rates. In doing so:
(a) kinetic energy of rotation has increased while angular momentum remains same.
(b) kinetic energy of rotation has decreased while angular momentum remains same.
(c) kinetic energy of rotation has decreased but angular momentum has increased.
(d) both, kinetic energy of rotation and angular momentum have decreased.

A.8. (a)

Q.9. A cricket bat is cut at the location of its centre of mass as shown. Then,

(a) the two pieces will have the same mass
(b) the bottom piece will have larger mass
(c) the handle piece will have larger mass
(d) mass of handle piece is double the mass of bottom piece

A.9. (b)

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