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Chemistry Books for NEET 2024 by MTG

Update on: 25 Feb 2023, 10:47 AM

Chemistry Books for NEET 2024

Chemistry is one of the important subjects for the NEET exam. It accounts for 25% weightage in the NEET exam which holds a significant value. Chemistry also plays a huge role in understanding various biological processes and mechanisms. It helps in the understanding of molecular basis and biochemistry involved in living beings which is crucial in medical education. It is also important in understanding chemical; reactions, chemical properties, and their pharmacological effects which are necessary for medicine. Hence, to prepare your best for the subject, you need to opt for the best NEET Chemistry books. The right book holds the power to help you glide your way into NEET. But, be careful, One incorrect resource and your dream can be shattered. So, to ensure that you get the top ranking for the NEET 2024 exam, here are the perfect books specially curated for NEET 2024 exams that will help you achieve your NEET dreams.

Best Books for NEET Preparation 2024

NCERT Textbook for Class 11 and 12  Chemistry

NCERT is fundamental for all the competitive exams in India especially NEET as these exams are highly focused on the NCERT syllabus. NCERT covers all the important topics of the chemistry subject and concepts that are vital in the NEET 2024 exam. So, it is advised that you must diligently follow the NCERT syllabus for wholesome preparation.

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MTG Objective NCERT at your Fingertips  Chemistry

After NCERT MTG Objective NCERT at your Fingertips is the no. 1 book to realize your NEET 2024 dreams. MCQs in this book are derived from each line of the NCERT textbook. It gives chapter-wise NCERT notes for quick-and-easy revision of concepts, and topic-wise MCQs aligned with NCERT content to check your progress. It is designed to help students develop conceptual clarity and improve their problem-solving skills. With its authentic and elaborate content, this book serves as a valuable resource for NEET aspirants.

NCERT at your fingertips chemistry for NEET

MTG Handbook  Chemistry

MTG Handbook is an ideal compact book for a quick revision of physics anytime, anywhere. The handbook covers crisp notes, terms, definitions, formulas, HD images, and diagrams which makes it perfect for last-minute recaps and memorizing formulas. This book gives every NEET/JEE/Board/CUET aspirant an opportunity to revise the subject while traveling or between two shifts of examination.

NEET Handbook chemistry

MTG’s 36 Years Chapter Wise-Topic Wise Solutions  Chemistry

MTG 36 years NEET/AIPMT Chapter-wise Topic-wise Solutions is a question bank that comprises a vast range of NEET questions from the previous 36 (2023-1988) years of NEET/AIPMT papers. The book is divided into a chapter-wise topic-wise manner to ensure that the students get ample practice from each topic of the NEET syllabus. The book also accompanies video solutions to tricky questions as well as a smart book of the digital replica for practice anywhere and everywhere.

36 years neet chemistry

MTG NEET Champion Chemistry

The latest revised book provides 10 previous years’ questions of the NEET exam (2014-2023). Approximately, 90% of the MCQs in the NEET exam are the same or similar to the MTG NEET Books. With its comprehensive coverage of topics, including detailed theory, solved examples, and practice questions from both classes 11 and 12, it strives to provide a complete understanding of the subject. The book’s content is designed to align with the NEET syllabus and examination pattern, ensuring that students receive error-less information.

NEET Champion chemistry

MTG Complete NEET Guide  Chemistry

The book covers the class 11 & 12 chemistry syllabi through a comprehensive theory of the NEET syllabus in a format of chapter-wise topic-wise MCQs with detailed solutions. The latest revised edition of MTG Complete NEET Guide provides the exclusive set of the fully solved latest 10 years (2014-2023) AIPMT/ NEET question papers segregated into chapter-wise questions. The book provides deep explanations of key concepts, along with illustrations to enhance understanding. Follow the book from the start to prepare for the NEET exam and it will also be fruitful for a wholesome revision.

NEET Guide chemistry book

NEET Check 💡 

Find your Question Here to this answer  ➡ Cut off Marks in NEET 2023

Answer: (a): Ethyl benzene cannot be prepared by Wurtz reaction. In Wurtz reaction, only haloalkanes are converted into highest aliphatic saturated hydrocarbons.

30 Days NEET Is a Revision-Cum-Crash Course  Chemistry

This book is a boon for NEET aspirants who want to crack the NEET exam in 30 days. This book covers the entire 11th and 12th class chemistry curriculum in an easy-to-grasp way. It includes a quick review of each topic in accordance with the most recent syllabus and provides key formulas and information in clear, tabular form. It offers a comprehensive and concise overview of the essential topics and concepts, providing students with a structured study plan for the final month leading up to the exam.

30 days NEET chemistry

Chapter-Wise Topic-Wise Daily Practice Paper (DPP) NEET  Chemistry

DPP chemistry ensures success in NEET 2024 with a total of 100 daily practice papers and 4200+ MCQs. It offers a comprehensive collection of daily practice papers designed to enhance your understanding and application of concepts. The book follows a chapter-wise and topic-wise approach, allowing you to focus on specific areas of study. With its extensive question bank, the book provides ample practice opportunities for you to strengthen your problem-solving skills and improve your accuracy. It also provides a self-evaluation chart to check your progress.

DPP NEET Chemistry

MTG 10 Sample Papers NEET-UG

The book has 10 sample papers that cover the entire NEET curriculum in four subjects: Biology, chemistry, botany, and zoology. It offers a collection of 10 sample papers designed according to the latest NEET syllabus and exam pattern. These sample papers provide an opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with the exam format and practice solving questions within the stipulated time frame. Each NEET sample paper in the NEET-UG 2023 10 Sample Papers includes an OMR sheet to give you exam-like practice.

NEET 10 sample papers book

10-Year Solved Papers NEET Explorer

It offers full practice via a humongous question bank of 4000+ questions and provides complete detailed solutions so that you can get an idea about how to attempt questions in NEET 2024 exam to attain a maximum score. This book serves as a comprehensive tool, enabling students to assess their knowledge. Detailed explanations and solutions provided for each question aids in understanding the concepts and improve problem-solving skills.

10 years NEET Explorer

MTG Target NEET 2022-23: Online Test Series Chemistry

This book provides you the freedom to take your practice test anywhere and anytime. MTG’s Online Test Series helps you evaluate your preparation and strengthen the weak areas to get the desired result in the examination. It automatically assesses your improvement areas and gives you an opportunity to compare your preparedness with your peers.

NEET Online Test Series

Competitive exams can be very challenging and finding the right resources can be even more challenging. But don’t worry, MTG has got you covered with its quality books that are attentively curated by experienced subject matters for the students preparing for NEET 2024 exams. These books are thoroughly reviewed to scan out any error that can harm your preparation so that you can prepare for your fearlessly and stress-free.

All the Best!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Chemistry Books for NEET 2024

  • How can you score 170 marks in Chemistry for the NEET 2024 exam?

To score 170 marks in the Chemistry section of the NEET exam, you have to at least attempt 43 out of 45 questions correctly. It can be difficult, but you can achieve this goal if you are focused and study diligently with the best resources.

  • Can you crack NEET in 30 days?

It is not impossible to ace the NEET exam in 30 days but it definitely is difficult. It is a challenging feat but with the right resources and concentrated preparation, you can achieve your NEET goal along with it don’t forget to check out our 30 days NEET Planner.

  • How much weightage does Chemistry hold in NEET 2024 exam?

The Chemistry section of the NEET 2024 exam consists of 50 questions out of which you need to answer 45 questions that hold the weightage of 180 marks.

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