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NEET Physics Questions with Answers – MCQ’s (28-01-2024)

Update on: 28 Jan 2024, 10:00 AM

NEET Physics Questions

NEET or National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is conducted every year for medical aspirants to seek admission to undergraduate medical courses. A good NEET score can be attained with thorough practice and utmost dedication. To assist students in their preparation and help them perform better at NEET, MTG has come up with Physics questions for NEET Exam. These questions are likely to appear in the NEET 2024 exam. Questions are provided with answers. We will make sure to update you with questions every month. Check them out.

NEET question paper comprises 180 multiple choice questions, with these sections

Physics – 45 questions
Chemistry – 45 questions
Biology – 90 questions

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NEET Physics Questions (28-01-2024)

Check NEET physics questions for the month of January.

Q.1. What is the wavelength of the most energetic photon emitted in the Balmer series of the hydrogen atom?
(a) 645 nm (b) 580 nm
(c) 435 nm (d) 365 nm

A.1. (d)

Q.2. The equation of emf in an ac circuit is given by E = 60sin(100πt). What is the minimum time taken for the emf to change from +30 V to –30 V ?




(a) (1/100) s (b) 200 s
(c) 100 s (d) (1/200) s.

A.2. (a)

Q.3. Two trains 121 m and 99 m in length are running in opposite directions with velocities 40 km h–1 and 32 km h–1. In what time will they completely cross each other?
(a) 9 s (b) 11 s (c) 13 s (d) 15 s

A.3. (b)

Q.4. The angle of dip at a certain place on earth is 60° and the magnitude of earth’s horizontal component of magnetic field is 0.26 G. The magnetic field at the place on earth is
(a) 0.13 G (b) 0.26 G
(c) 0.52 G (d) 0.65 G

A.4. (c)







A.5. (b)

Q.6. The energy stored in a parallel plate capacitor can be treated as the energy of the electric field. The energy per unit volume, due to the electric field is

(a) E2 (b) 1/2 ε0E2
(c) 1/2ε0 E2 (d) 1/2 E2

A.6. (b)

Q.7. The equation of stationary wave along a stretched string is given by

y = 5 sin πx/3 cos 40πt

where x and y are in cm and t in second. The separation between two adjacent nodes is
(a) 1.5 cm (b) 3 cm (c) 6 cm (d) 4 cm

A.7. (b)

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